Innovative AS-Interface 3 Gateways

November 2022

AS-Interface has long been established as a simple and cost-effective solution for integrating sensors and actuators in the field. But for almost 20 years, there have been no changes at all to one of the most important system components — the AS-Interface gateways. The innovative AS-Interface 3 gateways from Pepperl+Fuchs are opening up completely new opportunities in this regard. A sophisticated design, modern operating concept, multiprotocol capability, and IIoT capability take the AS-Interface 3 gateways to a new level and provide significantly simplified operation for customers. Ingeniously simple and consistently well thought-out — just as customers have come to expect from AS-Interface 3.

Easy operation and connection.

Sophisticated design
• Extremely narrow design with a width of just 37.9 mm
• Tool-free connection using spring terminals at the front
• 3x RJ45 plugs for easy communication

Modern operating concept
• Easy configuration due to integrated web server
• Display showing all information about mobile end devices
• Operating push buttons for easy commissioning

Multiprotocol capability
• PROFINET and Ethernet/IP in a single device
• Quick switching via the web server or operating push button
• Simple machine standardization

IIoT capability
• REST API for IIoT communication
• Access to all data about the gateway and connected AS-Interface devices
• Streamlined protocol for machine-to-machine communication

About Pepperl+Fuchs
With 6600 employees worldwide, Pepperl+Fuchs recorded sales of EUR 790 million in 2021. The Group is one of the leading companies for industrial sensor technology and explosion protection. The headquarters in Mannheim, Germany, represents the core of the company’s technical expertise, where engineers and specialists research and develop the latest technologies and products. Originally a small family business founded in 1945, Pepperl+Fuchs is now represented on all continents by more than 40 subsidiaries. Our global presence gives us the best of both worlds: the highest technical standards plus efficient, cost-effective production facilities. Pepperl+Fuchs has developed into a partner for worldwide users of automation technology, and offers the most comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-tested components for the demands of manufacturing automation and process automation.

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