Arduino’s akx00051 PLC starter kit, now available at Mouser, delivers practical training for industrial automation

June 2024

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Arduino's akx00051 PLC starter kit, now available at Mouser, delivers practical training for industrial automation
Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorised global distributor with the newest electronic components and industrial automation products, is now stocking the AKX00051 programmable logic controller (PLC) starter kit from Arduino.

The AKX00051 PLC starter kit bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills for industrial automation. Designed for vocational schools and technical institutes, the starter kit offers users hands-on experience applicable to conveyor belt management, automated anomaly detection, real-time monitoring, and other applications.

The Arduino AKX00051 PLC starter kit, now available at Mouser, is a powerful simulation tool specifically created for vocational and university students considering a career in manufacturing. The starter kit includes the Arduino Opta Wi-Fi, an easy-to-use micro PLC with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities for real-time control, monitoring and predictive maintenance. Students can replicate real-world situations with the PLC starter kit’s custom digital input and output simulators, the DIN Simul8 and DIN Celsius. The Arduino PLC IDE allows users to program in the five languages defined by the IEC 61131-3 standard: ladder diagram (LD), function block diagram (FBD), sequential function chart (SFC), structured text (ST) and instruction list (IL). The kit also includes the cables and tools required to integrate the Arduino PLC with industrial simulated systems.

The Arduino AKX00051 PLC starter kit provides full access to digital lessons with over 20 hours of teaching material. Through the Explore PLC course, students learn about the Modbus RS-485 communications, the history of programmable logic controllers, and how PLCs integrate with industrial simulated systems. Up to three students can use each starter kit in a classroom setup. The AKX00051 PLC starter kit’s hardware is fully compatible with the Arduino Cloud, enabling remote control functionalities for classroom and real-world scenarios.

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