Lenze is taking drive performance to the next level with the i750 servo inverter

June 2023

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Lenze is taking drive performance to the next level with the i750 servo inverter
Lenze is expanding its portfolio with a new servo inverter that solves almost all automation tasks for dynamic multi-axis applications.

In the age of ever-increasing competitive pressure in production, the bar for drive technology is higher than ever: Fast response times, absolute motion accuracy, intelligent algorithms and maximum productivity are considered basic requirements for competitive machine automation.

Thanks to more than 75 years of experience in drive technology, Lenze knows these challenges inside out and now offers a powerful solution for motion control applications with its i750 cabinet multi-axis servo inverter. Björn Maltzahn, Motion Control Product Manager at Lenze, explains: "Our new servo inverter represents a consistent evolutionary development of our portfolio. The i750 masters complex applications and offers mechanical engineers new design scope for future-proof solutions."

Automation at the highest level
The servo inverter boasts outstanding precision and dynamics. Its outstanding control performance allows operators to increase the cycle rates of their machines by up to 20 percent. In combination with a Lenze controller, the auto-tuning function also makes commissioning much easier and improves machine efficiency. The i750 product range consists of power supply modules and single and double axes, which are operated in a DC network. Key features are a narrow width and extensive integrated safety technology. The units can be used universally in the power range from 1.1 to 15 kilowatts for single axes and from 1.1 to 7.5 kilowatts for double axes. Between 22 and 110 kilowatts, the i950 cabinet servo inverter acts as a power extension.

In addition to efficiency and precision, the new servo inverter stands out above all for its easy integration into the Lenze control systems, as Björn Maltzahn reports: "The i750 offers all the advantages of an open EtherCAT CiA402 interface and is used in centrally controlled system architectures. Its full potential becomes apparent in conjunction with the Lenze controls, making it an indispensable element in sophisticated automation systems. Users benefit from both maximum accuracy and higher throughput." Predefined and tested software modules in the Lenze FAST Application Software Toolbox significantly reduce development and commissioning times thanks to the product philosophy of "parameterizing instead of programming".

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