MedTec Europe 2009 Exhibits New Trends

The market for medical devices will remain an international growth market in 2009 – despite the financial crisis. This is the all-round consensus of industry experts. The biggest challenge for German medical devices companies will be to develop innovative technologies while simultaneously optimizing their own cost structures. Just how this is to be done can be seen at MEDTEC Europe 2009 in Stuttgart (Germany) on March 3rd  through 5th. Now more than ever the trade show is focusing on the topics of innovations and technological trends.

The keyword is innovative capability
In addition to the top-class affiliated conference, this trade show will feature a free innovation forum for the first time. The forum’s presentations will focus on topics with a promising future – from orthopedic technology to automation to new applications of microsystem technology and new materials.

Medtec Europe
3 – 5 mars/März/March 2009
Landesmesse Stuttgart (Germany), Messepiazza
10h00 – 17h00 : March 3 and 4
10h00 – 16h00 : March 5

“In the medical technology sector, innovations are generally associated with direct savings.” (Gregor Bischkopf, responsible Event Manager for MEDTEC Europe at Canon Communications)

Newest PartMaker Version 9 on Display at mediSIAMS 2009

PartMaker Inc., Fort Washington, PA (USA) will demonstrate its latest release, Version 9.2 of its PartMaker® CAD/CAM software for CNC Mills, Lathes, WireEDM, Turn-Mill Centers and Swiss-type lathes at mediSIAMS 2009 in Moutier (Switzerland). Major highlights of this newest version of PartMaker, Version 9.2, include a revamped and more productive user-interface, improved capabilities for programming directly on solid models and the ability to automatically generate descriptive and visual HTML-based set-up sheets.

A monumental release
“PartMaker Version 9 is such a monumental release in the life cycle of the PartMaker product,” says PartMaker Inc. President Hanan Fishman.  “The mediSIAMS show takes place in the heart of the where Swiss machining began, a region that can truly benefit from the productivity enhancements PartMaker has to offer.  PartMaker is supported locally in this area in French, German, English and Italian, so visitors to the show can be supported in their local language.”

More on PartMaker
PartMaker Inc. is a subsidiary of Delcam Plc, the world’s leading developer and supplier of complete CAD/CAM software solutions. Delcam Plc is publicly traded on the AIM exchange in London. While PartMaker is sold direct in North America by PartMaker Inc. PartMaker is sold overseas through a network of sales partner offices operating in over 120 countries.

Hanan Fishman President
PartMaker Inc.
A Division of Delcam Plc
Ph: +215-643-5077 x 204
Fax: +215-653-0105
email: [email protected]

When a micron is just mundane!

When one crosses the threshold of Phosa SA that products and brings to the market the honing machines branded Pemamo-Honing, it is better to change one’s measuring scale. What outside is considered as very precise (a few microns) becomes suddenly mundane once in the company. To understand how it is possible to play with the micron, we’ve met Alain Grimm, CEO of Phosa SA and we will dig into the company’s products and services in the next issue of Eurotec.

Lower cost production
Even if other means of production are getting closer and closer to honing in term of precision (turning or reaming for instance) it is not a free of charge trend! Always higher precision drives these technologies toward more and more difficulties. It is often clever to finish the parts in another way. Honing offers an interesting and inexpensive alternative to finish parts with a precision to which micron is big, with a perfect repetitiveness. As the same tool can be used in every kind of material, there is no trouble with tooling consumption. Surface finish created by turning let inevitably grooves on the part. Honing remove the weak points of that surface, transforming it into a pattern that is far better in term of lubrication.

Phosa SA indicates in the Pemamo-Honing brochure that one should not miss the benefits of their products. Would you like to know more?
Send an e-mail titled “Advantages” with your full coordinates to [email protected]

It was another incredible visit, this small company next to the road has nothing special outside, just one of the numerous industrial buildings alongside the lake. And you enter the door and… it is another world.
I was stunned! When you hear someone telling you “yes, we can adjust machining on the NC of our machines by increments of a tenth of a Micron”, it’s quite a shock.

Good day

Spain is reinventing itself…

Under the slogan “technology for life”, the Spanish industry changes its skin. The aim of this high-aimed program is to revaluate the often unknown industrial and innovative skills of Spain.

An image change
During the Midest show in Paris, where Spain was VIP guest, it was impossible to miss the “technology for life” presence. Under the aisle of ICEX (Spanish institute for foreign trade), a new brand image has been built for the whole Spanish industry. To do such a change is obviously costly but more than that, what is needed is some stunning realization with whom build a strong message.
20 or 30 years ago, Spain was easily seen as a country with local craftsman in the roads repeating secular movements. That was also the warmth, the fascinating fragrances and a kind of lethargy that made people think of holidays.

Technology leap
Nowadays three flights out of four reach their destinations thanks to the sky control programs developed in Spain, the country is the second largest producer for windmill power as well as the first provider of solutions to desalinize water in Europe and in the USA. What a change!
Two main axes of development are followed. First “give a shape of tomorrow’s world” with aerospace, communication, machines, IT and engineering et second, “create a world that respects the environment”, for instance with renewable energies, desalinization and water treatment as well as biotechnology.

Should you need more information about Spanish industry, do not hesitate to contact Ices:

Would you see some Spanish technological achievements, go

There is more to come about Spain..

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A vocation to be confirmed

Industrie Lyon comes back in 2009 and would like to confirm its position as complement to Industrie Paris. Moreover this year, and for the first time, STIM- exhibition dedicated to innovative technical solutions for subcontracting, will be integrated to that event.

Industrial performance
Within the global industrial world, industrial performance is the condition to follow the pace and maintain a strong industrial presence in Europe. This performance goes through technological innovation for equipments and tooling but also through women and men that use them. Based on this, it’s logical to reunite under the same banner a show including the technical and know-how of human means. That’s the reason why Industry Lyon welcomes STIM ( both belonging to GL event Group) and why it will be a common event.

On an original booth more than 15 robots will organize a strike (hey dude, we’re in France and manifesting is part of the culture) and manifest in order to win the place they truly deserve within small and medium size companies. This is a new way to presenting their functions and be under the lights for a sector that is in the heart of the production capacities and the possible gains in productivity.
If you’re next to Lyon in March, don’t miss the robot strike (Isaac Asimov isn’t that far now).

More information can be found there:




The forces exerted on the tap flank during the rigid machining and particularly by the reverse of the machine spindle led to a very important  deduction of the service life of the tap, which can generate a premature wear and even the breakage of the tap, so a lower thread quality.

Edalmatic-Synchro chuck Type MT-S
By rigid tapping, the torque graph (visible on the illustration published in next issue (3)) changes continually because of the variations of the machine synchronism. With the compensated chucks, after the torque is established, it stays constant during the total working cycle (4). The forces on the thread flanks are reduced more than 80% (1) and (2). Tool life can be 2 ½ times longer.
The integrated system, simple, very shrewd and absolutely new, allows the tightening of the tap by quick change adapter directly fixed, driven and compensated by the body of the chuck. In this way one suppresses an internal carrier spindle and collets.
The available range of the chucks cover the capacity of M0,3 to M20 (4 sizes available).
The MT-S-IK chucks allow central cooling. The MT-S 312 and 520 chucks allow cooling too, they also permit a progressive setting of the initial cutting pressure.

1. Right- and left- hand cut without any modification
2. No maintenance
3. Long Life
4. Low investment
5. Proven efficiency and robustness since 1998

Route des Jeunes 21
CP 1731
CH-1211 GENEVE 26
Tel. +41-22-342-54-10
Fax. +41-22-342-59-26
[email protected]

Science at the service of machining

The Federal Polythechnic School of Zürich[1]offers a global service to the companies active in mechanics. With the help of Swiss industry, it created an entity with the aim to reunite science and industry. Its name: inspire.

Would you like to analyze tool weariness? Cutting parameters? You wonder how a product will become old? You need advices or help to manage complete processes? Inspire offers you that and far more. Appointment was organized with Lukas Weiss head of the machining department with inspire.

A pool of skills at your disposal

Inspire is merging science and day-to-day business in the machining area. It really marries science and technique. Company’s activities are split in three fields, machines, processes and methods. Within the industry a wide number of skills are needed only on demand and inspire offers its know-know as well as the necessary tools only when needed!

Who can actually work with inspire? Do we have to be part of huge international group to benefit from its services? Weiss’ answer cannot be clearer “nope! Inspire is a flexible structure for small and medium size companies. We’re often working in urgent problems solving and our reaction capacity is very important. But we are also at the disposal of companies for mandates related to R&D. With the methods used, results are achieved quicker, with less risk and more accuracy. Know-how is found, made available and shared at the right moment.”

A service for everyone

You’re facing some questions that needs more expertise? You would like to change or improve a process with that you’re not satisfied? A machining challenges your skills? Do not hesitate to contact inspire for a free discussion on how to benefit from their skills. As part of the ETHZ, inspire is partly financed by Swiss government and also has a public utility mission toward Swiss and European industries.

Lukas Weiss is waiting for your call.


AG für mechatronische Produktionssysteme und Fertigungstechnik

Lukas Weiss



Tannenstrasse 3

CH-8092 Zürich

Tel +41 44 632 83 06

Fax +41 44 632 11 59

[email protected]

Do not hesitate to contact Lucas, there are a lot to discover and benefit from.

Good day


[1] The Federal Polytechnic School of Zürich is a technical university located in Zürich, Switzerland. Its French name is EPFZ and its German name ETHZ. It’s sometimes nicknamed « ETH » or « Poly » according to its original name. ETHZ is considered as one of the leading universities in Europe in the field of chemic, physic and computer-science, according to the ratings of the Jiao-tong University of Shanghai, that ranks it fourth in Europe in 2008. It’s also well known in the German-speaking world.

Pierre-Yves Schmid, publisher