Position indicator AP05 IO-Link - the most compact solution for process-reliable size changeover

July 2022

As a pioneer for bus-compatible position indicators for monitored size changeover, SIKO is presenting the AP05 as the most compact version in this segment, now with an integrated IO-Link interface. As the core element of monitored size changeover, networked position indicators have become an indispensable part of mechanical engineering. Their ability to display the setpoint and actual value on the adjusting spindle to the machine operator greatly increases comfort for the setter. This greatly simplifies the process of refitting a production machine for a new product. At the same time, feedback on the positioning status to the machine controller increases reliability for format changes and optimizes set-up times. Incorrect settings are prevented, which avoids rejects and damage to tools. In short, it boosts efficiency and reduces setup times.

New: IO-Link interface for swift integration
Above all, thanks to smart communication with the higher-level machine control system, the AP05 position indicator ensures that product changes and size changeovers are implemented safely and ergonomically. Setpoints, actual position values and the positioning status are exchanged, which converts the manual spindle adjustment into a monitored process. In addition to the proven serial interfaces, the AP05 now deploys the innovative IO-Link interface. This interface enables fast and cost-effective integration via a point-to-point connection using uncomplicated I/O connection technology. Thanks to the open, manufacturer-independent standard of the IO-Link interface, convenient integration options are available for machine control systems from all leading providers. IO-Link Master Islands can be used for the modular networking of several AP05 position indicators. Complexity and cabling effort are thus drastically reduced, as are commissioning times. The straightforward wiring, combined with additional diagnostic features, improves serviceability and lowers downtimes in the event of errors.

Backlit LCD display with high display accuracy
One key element of the AP05 is the inverted backlit LCD display. The backlighting ensures that the position values are very easy to read, even in places that are difficult to see in or in low light conditions. The LCD is designed as a two-line five-digit 7-segment display. As a result, the adjustment tracks can still be displayed with high display accuracy. The 7-segment display also allows for the additional display of alphanumeric characters, which simplifies configuration, commissioning and error diagnosis.

In addition to the directional arrows on the LCD display, the AP05 position indicator also provides clear visual user guidance via two dual-color status LEDs. These not only signal the positioning status (InPos or OutPos) but also indicate the required rotational direction for direct access to the desired point. The AP05 also deploys loop positioning to compensate for mechanical spindle play.

Mounting compatible with mechanical SIKO meters
Like all SIKO position indicators, the AP05 also features a hollow shaft, guaranteeing the easiest assembly possible for standard adjustable axles. With regard to the high compactness and the optional cable outlet, the display also finds ways to be used in tightly confined spaces. The clearance of the torque bracket guarantees mounting compatibility with the world’s best-selling SIKO counter DA04. This means the AP05 can be used to switch from manual adjustment with mechanical position indicator to monitored size changeover without changing the machine frame. Thanks to the high protection class of IP65 and a hollow shaft made of stainless steel or plastic, the AP05 is also suitable for applications in the food industry, in beverage production, or in the pharmaceutical sector. The display can also be used without any problems, however, for dated applications that pose difficulties, thanks to the carbon fiber reinforced plastic housing and display with impact protection.

• Position display with innovative IO-Link interface
• Two-line LCD with backlighting
• Setpoint and actual value display with integrated comparison
• Loop positioning for clearance compensation
• Positioning status and rotational direction display
using 2x red/green LEDs
• Stainless steel hollow shaft with 20 mm diameter
• Protection rating up to IP65
• Magnetic absolute encoder

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