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MNE 2014 starts today

The 40th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering, Lausanne, Switzerland – September 22 − 26, 2014, Venue: Swiss Tech Convention Center, EPFL
Over 800 persons have registered for MNE 2014 and the short course and exhibition are now full. On-site registration is still possible.

MNE 2014 Program Highlights
At the heart of MNE is the scientific program, and the organisers have the pleasure to announce outstanding keynote speakers with the MNE 2014 fellowship recipient Prof. Dieter Kern, the astronaut and space scientist, Prof. Claude Nicolier who will take attendess to a journey beyond the Earth’s gravity. Dr Burn Lin will present the microlectronics manufacturing research strategy at TSMC, the coordinator of the EU Flagship project Prof Jari Kinaret will share with us the latest advances with graphene, IBM’s fellow Dr Stuart Parkin will tell us about the exciting field of Magnetic Nanodevices and, last but not least, Prof. Albert van den Berg will present his worldwide recognized activities in Lab-on-a-Chip.  Additionally 19 world-leading invited speakers will complement this rich programme.


Complete information and details on www.mne2014.org



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