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Trade Mission to China. October 16-18 2013, Shanghai and Hong Kong

The consumption of medical technologies and goods is rising fast in China. With a growing middle class population and the resulting disposable income, more Chinese are demanding top-level services from international brands which offer the best outcomes.
In addition to this, lower-level healthcare needs are also growing and consumption of products ranging from plasters to pace-makers has exploded to meet the demands of China´s 1.3 billion people. Foreign imports for this sector have already surpassed 65%; projections for growth are strong and opportunities to gain market share substantial, but how can a company break into this complex and shifting market?

Fact-finding mission – Octobre 16-18, 2013
Medtech Switzerland and its partners have teamed up to bring you Medtech Close-Up: Trade Mission China, a fact finding mission designed to give attendees first-hand experience, information and a chance to meet like-minded business people already established in China.

  • Insights into the structure and development of the Chinese medtech and healthcare market
  • Learn what it takes to get a business started in China and Hong Kong
  • Network with Chinese counterparts and foreign companies already active in China

You can download the programme here.

In collaboration with Switzerland Global Enterprise (SGE), Medtech Mission China will be conducted as a second leg of the Asian trade mission.

Medtech Mission to South Korea
Organized wholly by SGE, will take place October 14-15, 2013 and will cover the South Korean regional opportunities. The South Korean Mission and the China Mission can be attended together or in part.

More information on the Korea mission can be found here.

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