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New Laser Micromachining course

FSRM organizes a new course on laser micromachining on November 12 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The course is aimed at engineers, technical managers and those interested in gaining a wider understanding of laser micromachining systems, techniques and applications.

This course is primarily aimed at introducing the basic concepts of laser micromachining and allowing participants to appreciate the practical elements involved in undertaking laser micromachining tasks. It is suitable for those with a basic interest in microsystems, MEMS and general micro-manufacturing and does not require a deep knowledge of mathematics or physics. The course includes numerous videos and examples of high precision laser micromachining.

  • Introduction to lasers & optics
  • Current status of laser micromachining
  • Basics of laser ablation
  • Types of lasers used in micromachining
  • Laser micromachining systems
  • Optics for laser micromachining systems
  • Laser micromachining techniques
  • Industrial applications of laser micromachining
  • Emerging developments

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Misumi unveils new linear unit

With an LX15 linear guide, Misumi follows the trend towards miniaturisation in automation technology.

LX15, the latest linear guide from Misumi, follows the trend towards miniaturization.

The LX15 is just 20.2 mm tall, only 44 mm wide and the available lengths are between 75 and 200 mm. The latest linear unit in the product range of the Japanese manufac-turer and supplier of standard, purchased and made-to-order parts is therefore consid-erably smaller than the previous smallest linear guide (LX20), which measures 27 mm tall, 52 mm wide and between 80 and 300 mm long.

Misumi supplies the LX15 optionally as an open or closed model, and in two precision classes. The positioning accuracy of the unit is ±20 µm, with a repeatability of ±3 µm. Furthermore, the new linear guide can be delivered with or without an MX * lubrication unit, as well as a standard or low-particulate lubricant. The MX lubrication unit consists of a special type of polyurethane saturated with lubricant. It extends maintenance cy-cles and thus contributes to reduce costs.

The most basic LX15 model—no cover, standard lubricant, no lubrication unit, high performance—is already available from EUR 450. As always, the catalogue company offers reliable delivery times — of just eight days in this case. Units with optional extras such as low-particulate lubricant, excellent accuracy and a lubrication unit are with the customer within 13 days of receipt of the order. And like all of the other million or more products available from Misumi, the new linear guide is configurable in increments of 0.01 mm, and Misumi does not impose a minimum order quantity or apply a small-volume surcharge. Quite the opposite: Within Germany, delivery is free — even for orders of just one item.

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