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Survey results confirm MEX success

Strong début in Stuttgart: Moulding Expo performs above average in the official survey results. 78% of the exhibitors surveyed rate the event as “very good/good”, 90% would recommend MEX and 83% consider the quality of professional visitors as “very good/good”. “These are superb figures, which are also being currently confirmed in our conversations with the exhibitors”, states Florian Niethammer, Senior Project Manager of Moulding Expo. “Over 100 exhibitors have already booked their stand for 2017. As an event organiser, we are delighted that our organisation, date and frequency, as well as the location of Stuttgart, received great praise and thus contributed to the success of the event.” Moreover, 74% of the exhibitors are certain that MEX will establish itself as a permanent fixture and continue to grow.

Metal production process for dental crown
Metal production process for dental crown

Visitors: Industry needs this new trade fair
The satisfaction of the exhibitors is also reflected in the visitor survey. 70% want to come back again and 83% would recommend the trade fair. “The feedback that the market needs a new trade fair with the right exhibitors caught our attention”, states Niethammer. “An important unique selling point of our event is the high number of tool, pattern and mould makers at 39%. A concept which has proved a success and which we will continue to pursue.”

In total, around 14,000 visitors (excluding synergy visitors from Control) travelled from 52 countries to Stuttgart to be at the première. 31% of visitors travelled over 100 kilometres to Moulding Expo and 21% over 300 kilometres. “As a result, MEX managed to be certified as an international trade fair right from the get-go. The certification according to FKM, the Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Figures, is an important seal of approval”, according to the project manager. 75% of visitors came from industry and 36% from the middle, higher or top management level of companies. A third of the visitors came from smaller companies (up to 50 employees), a third from medium-sized companies (up to 500 employees) and a third from large companies (1,000 and more employees) – a very homogeneous composition.

“For us, it was also important that at our trade fair the industrial buyers and the suppliers of tool, pattern and mould making exchanged information and ideas directly”, states Florian Niethammer. “We succeeded with the forum of the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics.” The participants of the BME Forum, including several decision-makers from important large companies, were brought together with the exhibitors of Moulding Expo during guided tours of the trade fair. Niethammer also rated the concept for the presentation of apprenticeship and in-service training in tool, pattern and mould making as a success. Under the title “MEX: Training 4.0”, the associations and companies in Hall 4 provided an interactive presentation of the wide range of apprenticeship and training options in the industry.

But the first Moulding Expo managed to not only entertain the young talent – it also provided a stage for a pioneer of tool construction and mould making: Karl-Heinz Möller. In a ceremony during the exhibitor evening the industry awarded the 93-year-old publisher with a lifetime achievement award.

MEX 2017: Preparations in full swing
According to Florian Niethammer, Moulding Expo still has development potential in its international alignment. In 2015, 25% of the exhibitors came from abroad, mainly from the neighbouring countries in Europe. This focus is to be retained. “We don’t want unreasonable growth, but we specifically want to open more markets together with our partners”, states the MEX Project Manager. Every new exhibitor must fit into the concept of the trade fair. “The quality of the products and services on offer thus remains the decisive criterion.”

The next Moulding Expo will take place in May 2017. The exact date will be announced in autumn 2015.

Medtec Europe 2015

Medtec Europe 2015, taking place in Messe Stuttgart, Germany from the 21-23 April 2015 is the European meeting place for global medical device manufacturers to source new technology, insight, networking and education.
Attracting more than 7,000 R&D, engineers, production and development specialists from medical device manufacturers, to source technology, products, services and education from over 800 component suppliers, healthcare experts and service providers, it’s the European hub for medical device manufacturing.

New show concept
2015 brings a new dawn for Medtec Europe, working with the market the team behind the event have developed a free scientific conference that looks at key medical disciplines, designed to help finished product manufacturers develop products that truly meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Added to this, a host of “new at show” features are designed to improve the experience for both the visiting and exhibiting audiences.
Medtec Meetings
The Medtec Meetings programme has been designed to ensure time is well spent on at the event and visitors can meet the suppliers or healthcare providers that match their specific needs.
Medtec Start-Up Pavilion & Start-Up Academy
The Medtec Europe team have also highlighted that a thirst for innovation and the latest products is vital for manufacturers, eager to see the latest technology that can help their products provide real market value and have an edge on the competition. With this in mind the Start-Up Academy has been created to showcase the latest products from the new and ground breaking suppliers.
Additive Manufacturing Exhibition Zone and Forum
This area includes a free to attend conference looking at new developments in additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping and an exhibition zone with market leading 3D printing suppliers.
Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 represents the 4th Industrial Revolution, and with Germany at the heart of its development in Europe, this dedicated forum presents the latest methodologies and the technology behind them to ensure that production facilities are ready to meet the challenge.
Digital Health Forum
The opportunities in digital healthcare are as vast and change on a daily basis. This free conference will hear from industry leaders such as Orange Healthcare, SAP and PwC on topics such as regulations, software security and connected medical devices.
Medical Forums
For the first time, Medtec Europe will feature free to attend forums discussing the latest technology, unmet needs and regulations in major medical disciplines such as cardiovascular, orthopaedics, drug delivery and diagnostics.
Medtec Europe is free to attend as a visitor if you pre-register online. There is a charge for onsite registrations.

EVOL – a new trade show+ in Switzerland

At Micronora we discovered the first step of communication of a new trade show that will take place in Switzerland from October 14 to 16, 2015. EVOL: Exhibition for Vision, Optics and Laser.
This event will take place in the new Swiss Tech Convention Center of EPFL in Lausanne and will offer a new platform of exchange for Laser (including additive manufacturing), optics and metrology.

A new event with different assets
Meeting point of technologies and products of the future, EVOL will allow exhibitors to:

  • Show their products and assets with a good visibility
  • Take advantages of the EPFL location, i.e. meet with highly skilled specialists and start-ups
  • Benefit of high level meeting and conferences

We will come back on this event soon.



EPHJ-EPMT-SMT starts tomorrow

It is tomorrow in Geneva that this trade-show dedicated to watch industry, microtechnology and medical will open its door at Palexpo. We’ve met with André Colard and Oliver Saenger, the founders of the show, to catch the spirit of the event.
If sometimes the distinctions between EPHJ (watchmaking), EPMT (microtechnology) and SMT (medical) are a little fuzzy in the minds of visitors, it is finally not very important; these three sectors work in close collaboration and synergies available to exhibitors and visitors are widely acclaimed.

Mixed fields
“At the beginning, some traditional watchmaking exhibitors blamed us to open the show to all microtechnologies, but this era is over and today the transfers of technologies and ideas between these areas is one of the strengths of the show” says Mr. Colard. Exhibitors are therefore in Geneva not only to conduct business, but also fetch new ideas and new technologies. In this state of mind, the show organizes theme days and conferences that not only add visibility to the event (and therefore very targeted visitors on the basis of the themes), but add value to the trips of visitors to Geneva. To guarantee the success, the organizers also ensure that exhibitors fit well in the concept of the trade show. Mr. Saenger says: “Sometimes we refuse exhibitors because their products are not in phase with the event and in this case, neither them nor visitors would be satisfied”.

The only Medtec trade show in Switzerland in 2014
Questioned about the SMT part and its relative smallness, the organizers are formal: “Indeed, the number of exhibitors located on this part of the exhibition, though expanding, is quite limited, but it is mainly because there are few companies working exclusively for the medical field. More than 100 exhibitors of the EPHJ-EPMT, announce to also work in medical technologies and many of them participate regularly to the medical exhibitions in Europe. As EPHJ-EPMT-SMT is the event covering every aspect of microtechnology, exhibitors are present, but perhaps less visible under the medical aspect”. They add: “In 2014 we are the only professional exhibition dedicated to medical technology in Switzerland”.

There are also many interesting talks, you can download the programme here.

Many news and skills to discover in Geneva, don’t miss them. You can download your free entrance ticket here.

Opening hours
From Tuesday to Thursday (June 17 to 19), 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday June 20, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Palexpo Geneva

You can also read the full interview of the two founders we’ve done here.






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A very successful year of trade shows

For several decades, the Schall name evokes the largest private German organisation of fairs, whether it be technical fairs or general public well-known exhibitions. Created by Paul Eberhard Schall in 1962, the company is now called “the Schall group “.

Paul Schall (left), and his wife Bettina, in a discussion with an exhibitor.
Paul E. Schall (left), and his wife Bettina, in a discussion with an exhibitor.

The success of the recent exhibitions Motek and Blechexpo comes to close the year 2013 as very positive. The fair specialist Paul E. Schall tells us more. (Full interview in our next issue).

Eurotec: On what relies the almost legendary success of your business after all these years?
Paul E. Schall: The pillars of this success and its duration are:

  • our policy of niche markets,
  • our ability to continuously innovate and
  • the quality of service we provide to our exhibitors and our visitors.

We base our strategy on niche markets, which explains our success for several decades. We develop quality trade shows on future oriented topics. They are specialised fairs with visitors from the Euro-area and which represent all facets of a field of specific activity in one place, moreover this place keeps human dimensions. These events highlight major current trends in the landscape of trade shows. Control and Motek, our two leading international trade shows, have also been developped from old market niches. They have also led to the creation of eponymous events on the same theme in other European countries and also in Asia.


Eurotec: Were there some important new features at the level of shows this year?
Paul E. Schall: Clearly yes! For instance Motek was like-new, it presented itself under a new light by seeking to adapt to the ever-changing market requirements. For example the sector of assembly facilities, complete turnkey solutions, manufacturing and integration of robots has been completely redesigned and thus considerably widened. On the 941 exhibitors present at Motek, near 18% originate from this area of activity and this “trade show in the trade show” is positioned as a pole of expertise unique in the world.

Influx of visitors in the halls of Motek.
Influx of visitors in the halls of Motek.
  • The duo of trade fairs Motek and Bondexpo aimed very specifically at industrial users will open its doors to the world experts in this area from October 6 to 9, 2014.
  • The next Blechexpo and Schweisstec will be held from November 3 to 6, 2015.






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Do not miss the economic upturn in Germany

The latest economic figures forecast a strengthening of economy in the EU and especially in Germany. This opens up new business opportunities in Germany for  Swiss subcontractors and the Swiss Pavilion, industrial Supply at the Hannover Messe 2014 may be the place to be (From April 7 to 11).
Profit from the economic upswing in Germany! – Switzerland Global Enterprise (formerly Osec) offers Swiss companies a good opportunity to be in the market at Hannover Messe.

Prime location
Again from April 7 to 11, 2014 Swiss companies will benefit from the prime location of the booth organized under the  Swiss Pavilion label in Hall 4. This Swiss participation, successful for many years, has its focus on material, technology and know-how (steel, metal, non-ferrous metals, rubber, plastic, ceramic, special, composite and hybrid materials), development, design and procedures (cutting production, joining technology, material handling, engineering, construction) and parts, components and systems (semi-finished products, system delivery, assembly).
3 variants to choose from
Switzerland Global Enterprise offers 3 variants: First (footprint of your choice from 16 m2), Business (12 m2) and Point of Business (4 m2). With this broad offer, the Swiss booth will be able to fulfill the needs of new exhibitors, for which the Industrial Supply hall is also a first-class instrument of practice-oriented market observation and the needs of long-time exhibitors for which the Hannover Messe represents the most important annual marketing and sales platform. All variants of participation include a comprehensive service package, which allows exhibitors to be free of most of the administrative and organizational tasks.

Deadline to book a booth is November 18, 2013, don’t miss it


For more information please contact
Corinne Schmid, Phone +41 44 365 52 53, [email protected], or

Reto Schoch, +41 44 400 33 50, [email protected] (operational external project management).



Midest 2013.


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