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A new turret type

On the occasion of the Simodec, Emissa will unveil an axial turret of a completely new genre. Designed to become the heart of a new machine for the automotive market, it offers advantages of setting and compactness without common measure with the existing solutions on the market.
As always with Emissa, this new machine to be unveiled a little later this year (probably at Biemh) relies on proven concepts to better get out of the beaten tracks.

Proven elements
The new axial turret presented by the company takes full advantage of Piboturn, the new tool-holder standard the company has introduced about two years ago and that has been installed successfully to dozens of customers’. As reminder, this very compact tool system is adjustable outside the machine independently on each tool (whether turning or rotating) with a repetition of 2 microns. With those, it becomes possible to realise multibars machines offering individualised fine adjustments.

Revolver head with triple barrels
Designed to machine three parts simultaneously, the new axial turret counts 48 tools (12 or 24 can be rotating) and includes integrated cooling through the tools. The axial principle allows users to index the turret at every degree, both in positive and negative. Gear cutting with normal tools becomes child’s play. The turret is mounted on a Hirth coupling and ensures very accurate and powerful mechanical grip.

80 million cars in 2015
“This turret allows us to develop a machine for the realisation of many automotive parts like alternators shafts or other axes. With a forecast of 80 million new cars in 2015, I let you imagine the number of parts to be machined” says Mr. Boschi, the Director of Emissa in conclusion.

We will come back on this new machine in our next issue.

To be discovered at Simodec, on Halle A, stand 44.

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