Why do your customers buy your products?

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We can answer this question by a wide number of very different…  and all correct answers… but all these customers have at least one thing in common:


For them, no problem, you have a privileged communication channel with them… but what are you doing for others? These potentials that

  • do not know you
  • those who do not know your products
  • those who have a “false” image of what you offer
  • those who do not even consider you in purchasing decisions or requests for tenders?

The first step in any process of communication is to

  1. draw the attention of your potential customers, then you can
  2. awake their interest and their
  3. desire to
  4. act.

The issue therefore is to let your potential customers know that you exist and you have to right solutions for them.

With eurotec you have the ideal tool to meet this need! Consider this:

  • This is a magazine dedicated to micro-technology
  • Published in three languages
  • Distributed throughout Europe in a very targeted way
  • Whose customers are loyal and satisfied with the efficiency (to know more, go here)

An advertising presence within three issues complemented by an article bring you a contact rate of 4! It’s four occasions to be seen multiplied by 10’000 copies… this means a presence that can already assure to grasp attention and interest into your potential customers’ minds.

1, 2, 3, 4 You can!
Download the special offer here.

Prices are as follow: 3 x 1/1 page, 4-C, @ € 2’200.- / issue (instead of € 3’800.-), 3 x 1/2 page, 4-C, @ € 1’370.- / issue (instead of € 2’050.-) and 3 x 1/4 page, 4-C, @ € 830.- / issue (instead of € 1’135.-)

One thought on “Why do your customers buy your products?”

  1. Yep! That sounds easy to reach decision makers in Europe in micro-technology. I’ve been tricked to clik and reach the page… but the whole damn thing seems “true”, then it may work.
    Carry on the blog, it’s one of my preferred to stay in touch with micro-machining without balderdash.

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