XL-80 laser functionality extended to perform diagonal tests

November 2015

Renishaw launched a Linear diagonal measurement kit at EMO 2015. Laser diagonal tests can be used to measure diagonal positioning and reversal errors in accordance with B5.54 and ISO 230-6 standards. The ISO 230-6 standard states that diagonal displacement tests allow the estimation of the volumetric performance of a machine tool. The new kit is quick and easy to set-up, is easy to align and allows fast data analysis to international standards.

Linear diagonal measurement test with XL-80 laser

The Renishaw Linear diagonal measurement kit provides everything needed to perform laser diagonal tests with an XL-80 laser interferometer system. The kit is designed for quick and easy set-up, with purpose-built fixturing that’s magnetically mounted to the machine tool bed and holds the XL-80 and optical accessories. A beam steerer and swivel mirror (attached to the plate) then provide a very controllable way to align the laser beam with the machine diagonals.

A key advantage of using the new kit to mount the XL-80 and optical accessories on the machine bed is that after measuring one machine diagonal, the plate can be moved to the other body and face diagonals with easy realignment.

As well as the hardware system, Renishaw also provides software to easily carry out laser diagonal tests. XCal-View provides convenient data analysis for laser diagonal tests, in accordance with ISO 230-6 and B5.54 standards. The application can take the data from laser diagonal tests and provide a report that shows the key errors and gives a graphical display of the results.

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