New internal cylindrical grinding machine for short and long workpieces.

2 09 2014

The new S141 from Studer has been redesigned from the ground up. However, the development also incorporates the know-how from many decades of grinding experience and consolidated state-of-the-art engineering knowledge. In addition to long-lasting and reliable quality and precision, the use of both cutting-edge and proven technologies, optimal ergonomics and ease of use were also important goals.

The machine grinds inside diameters up to 250 mm and can handle a workpiece length of 1300 mm.

The machine grinds inside diameters up to 250 mm and can handle a workpiece length of 1300 mm.

The machine’s ergonomic design and user friendliness are evident at first glance. Two generous sliding doors create optimal accessibility for both workpiece and grinding wheel change. Short changeover times and quick reprogramming of the control help to reduce auxiliary times, making the machine interesting for the production of individual components as well as small and large batches.  The series is available in different design lengths, for workpieces with maximum lengths of 300, 700 and 1300 mm. The S141 is the ideal machine for grinding chuck components, spindle shafts, spindle hous-ings, rotor shafts or axes. Many workpieces are in the areas of machine tools, drive elements, aerospace and toolmaking.

Highlights of the S141

  • The machine bed, comprising patented Granitan® S103 mineral casting with excellent damping characteristics, ensures outstanding surface quality of the ground parts.
  • The grinding spindle turret has four grinding spindles, including a maximum of two external grinding spindles. Internal grinding quills of lengths up to 265 millimeters can be used.
  • The workpiece table, for workpiece lengths of 300, 700 and 1300 mm depending on the machine, can be automatically swiveled from -10° to +20° via the machine control system for axis-parallel grinding of tapers.
  • The workhead can be driven directly or via a belt, as required.
  • The robust steady-rest specially designed for internal grinding enables simple setup and universal use.
  • The machine can be equipped with up to two pivoting dressing units with fixed or rotating dressing tools.
  • Two different intuitive operating systems, StuderWIN and StuderSIM, are available. Both operating systems are suitable for a wide variety of internal grinding applications and enable reliable programming of all basic cycles for grinding, dressing and process-supporting measurement.

Fritz Studer AG
CH-3602 Thun
Tel. +41 33 439 11 11
Fax +41 33 439 11 12

Bumotec’s new premises for the future

1 09 2014

The new building the company has started to build is large, clear, widely open and will have very low energy consumption. The work started with a brief ceremony with the presence of the authorities as well as the press on August 29, 2014.


M. Jean-Daniel Isoz in front of the new S100 Mono machine that opens a brand new category on the market. (You will be able to discover this new machine in our next issue and online indeed, stay tuned).

Located in Vuadens in the Fribourg Canton, the new building is ideally positioned close to the motorway and for employees; it’s only a few kilometers from the actual site that is definitely cramped and too small. With the planned growth of the company, this construction is highly anticipated.

High end building for high end machines
Once finished the new building will reach 14.279 m2. Jean-Daniel Isoz the directors says: “We won’t occupy the whole surface of the building and we will be able to rent about a third of it to companies interested in its assets like a +/- 1°C stable temperature all year long”.  Ideal for those who manufacture high precision machines and devices.

Good for the environnement and for the region too
The new building has been designed with the environment in mind and will use latest generation solar-panels and will comply with the latest eco-energy regulations. The CEO ads: “I’m quite confident we will hire many employees these following years” and indeed they fill find a nice place to work.



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Composites for lightweight construction

29 08 2014

More than 90,000 visitors and around 1,300 exhibitors are expected to attend AMB 2014 from 16 to 20 September 2014. Exhibitors will present innovations and further developments from the metal cutting and precision tool industry, as well as chucking tools, CAD, CAM, CAE, software, grinding machines, handling of workpieces and tools, and measuring systems on a gross exhibition area of more than 105,000 square metres.


The efficient machining of composites and composite
materials is currently one of the key topics of manufacturing technology. True to its motto “Key to markets”, Messe Stuttgart is also making this a major topic at the upcoming AMB, the international exhi-bition for metalworking, which takes place from 16 to 20 September 2014 in Stuttgart. Under the heading “Competence in composites”, exhibitors display their special skills in this area. Trade fair visitors can find these exhibitors very quickly thanks to a corresponding logo at the trade fair stands and special information in the trade fair guide. Visitors can also obtain information within the framework of the event series of business breakfasts. “Introduction to composites and precision tools” by the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Cooperation, which also dedicates itself to the topic with several presentations.

Full article available
You can download the full article on this topic here. It contains:

  • Presentations introduce the topic
  • Improved process reliability
  • Examples from exhibitors
  • Trainee project: Pedal car with CFRP components
  • Mechanical engineers with new concepts
  • For the automotive industry


International exhibition for metal working
Messe Stuttgart – Deutschland
Dates: 16-20 September 2014
Tuesday to Friday from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm
Saturday from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm




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Multiple different chamfers possible

28 08 2014

To address the issue of requiring multiple, dedicated cutters in the toolchanger of a machining centre to create different component chamfers, Sandvik Coromant can now offer CoroMill 495®, a universal tool which ensures machine shops only require a single chamfer cutter to perform various chamfering operations. This not only creates extra space in the toolchanger but minimises tool inventory and costs.
Most engineering components require at least one chamfer, and because the majority of modern machine shops run small batches in many different materials, the potential for excessive toolchanging and extended set-up times is vast. With CoroMill 495, the same tool can undertake a wide variety of chamfering operations, reducing downtime and maximizing machine utilization. The tool features indexable inserts with four cutting edges, and cutter bodies with a high number of inserts in relation to body size.

Many operations…
As well as conventional topside chamfers, CoroMill 495 can be used to pass through a bore and chamfer the underside of components. This versatile cutter can also be used to perform weld preparations, deburring operations and even face milling if required. Available cutter diameters include 12-25 mm and 40-63 mm to create 15°, 30°, 45° and 60° chamfer angles using coupling types such as cylindrical shank, Coromant EH and Coromant Capto®, while a 0.5-1” imperial version takes advantage of a Weldon coupling. Both GC1030 (-PM geometry) and GC1040 (-MM geometry) grades are available to ensure successful chamfering in a multitude of different materials, including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and heat resistant super alloys.





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Swiss GT 26 – a new generation

27 08 2014

Following six high-profile years on the market the Tornos Gamma 20 is now giving way to the new generation – the Swiss GT 26 (capacity 25.4 mm with end bar preparation); this machine will take Tornos to a new level in terms of performance and functionality.
The Swiss GT 26 uses the same kinematics that made the Gamma 20 machine so successful. It allows operators to quickly get to grips with the machine. The GT line is made up of two models equipped with 5 and 6 linear axes. The 5-axis model is equipped with proven classic kinematics. Its platten comprises X1 and Y1 axes for bar turning. The counter spindle support carriage is mounted on 2 linear axes X4/Z4 which enables it to take the workpiece to the cut and to move laterally opposite the block independently of the counter-operation tools, which may be fixed or rotating. These kinematics enable simultaneous machining for bar turning work and counter-operations.

6-axis version for more capabilities
The 6-axis version has the same kinematics, but the difference is that the counter-operation block has a vertical linear axis. These kinematics have the advantage of being able to double the number of tools available. In total, 8 tools are arranged in 2 rows of 4 tools. A maximum of 4 of these can be rotating. These 4 additional tools increase the options for performing complex machining on the rear of the workpiece. This axis also enables digital centring of the tools on the counter-operation block and a work movement for cross drilling.

Multiple tools for outstanding flexibility
The GT 26 can be equipped with up to 39 tools, 16 of which are powered. The platten is equipped with a motor that can accommodate various types of tool holder, including special devices such as a polygon tool, a thread whirling tool or inclined milling and drilling tools. The equipment is compatible with that of the Swiss ST 26 to ensure optimal flexibility of the machine inventory of customers using both machines.

The new Swiss GT 26 is a worthy successor to the Gamma range. To find out for yourself, visit Tornos at one of these upcoming trade shows, where the Tornos teams will be delighted to welcome you:

  • IMTS, Chicago, 8 to 13 September, stand S-8566
  • AMB, Stuttgart, 16 to 20 September, stand C-14
  • BIMU, Milan, 30 September to 4 October, Hall 3, booth B03
  • PRODEX, Basel, 18 to 21 November, B-46
The two ultra-powerful spindles also have constant torque which enables them to provide high torque at high speed. Although the Gamma 20 had a 20 mm capacity, the GT 26 can machine 25.4 mm diameter bars with preparation. The machine can work with or without guide bush.

The two ultra-powerful spindles also have constant torque which enables them to provide high torque at high speed. Although the Gamma 20 had a 20 mm capacity, the GT 26 can machine 25.4 mm diameter bars with preparation. The machine can work with or without guide bush.

The machine comes with an extensive range of basic equipment, for example a 20-bar pump as standard (5 electromagnetic valves and 2 switchable filters). Options also include a long workpiece extraction device and a full range of oil mist extractors. In addition, the Swiss GT 26 can be equipped with a Robobar SBF 326 bar feeder.

The machine comes with an extensive range of basic equipment, for example a 20-bar pump as standard (5 electromagnetic valves and 2 switchable filters). Options also include high pressure pomps, a long workpiece extraction device and a full range of oil mist extractors. In addition, the Swiss GT 26 can be equipped with a Robobar SBF 326 bar feeder.


Tornos SA
Industrielle 111
2740 Moutier
Phone +41 32 494 44 44
Fax +41 32 494 49 03

Showcase for Micro, Precision, Mems and Nano manufacturing

26 08 2014

Micro | Nano | Mems 2014 is the UK’s must go to showcase for micro, precision, mems and nano manufacturing technologies and will be taking place on the 30th September and 1st October at the NEC in Birmingham.

To be discovered at the show: human hair with Nanoscribe lettering (image Nanoscribe).

To be discovered at the show: human hair with Nanoscribe lettering (image Nanoscribe).

Approaching its 7th annual edition, the event is set to stage the definitive showcase for Micro, Precision, Mems and Nano manufacturing technologies and is an essential visit for any engineering and manufacturing organisations calendar. Free-to-attend, the exhibition will feature state-of-the-art live machine demonstrations and will play host to exhibitors covering the full spectrum of micro, precision, mems and nano manufacturing solutions. Visiting professionals will be able to discuss all their requirements with a wide variety of companies.

Advanced manufacturing
The show will provide a platform for companies looking to demonstrate the very latest in micro and nano manufacturing technologies to companies and organisations working in the dynamic and fast developing world of advanced manufacturing. From precision diamond machining and micro milling to micro injection moulding, from 3D printing to metrology test equipment and micro-fluidics fabrication there will be something for everyone who has an interest in the very latest manufacturing technologies.

Extensive seminar programme
The event will also feature an extensive seminar programme which will examine some of the key markets benefiting from these new innovative technologies as well as providing a platform to discuss the latest applications and developments in micro machining technologies. For the second year running the show will be co-locating with Sensors & Instrumentation; The Machine Building Show and TCT. In addition these shows will also be joining forces with Interplas and the PPMA show which had over 12,000 visitors when they were last held together.

Micro | Nano | Mems 2014
September 30th – October 1st 2014. Hall 3
The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham, UK




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Gear cutting at the forefront of technology

25 08 2014

In microtechnology, gear cutting is an operation adding value and if it is possible to realise the parts by different means, the use of a dedicated machine remains very often the best solution. Meeting with Mr. Sébastien Giran, responsible for marketing at Affolter Technologies SA.
“Gear cutting in small diameters is our specialty and we are able to propose the most effective solutions by offering the best quality to our customers” says the Manager to start. In this logic of answering to the needs of its customers, the company now presents two highly anticipated novelties:

  • Double clamping with F10 collets on the AF 100 machine
  • Offset system of the milling cutter on AF 110 for the realisation of wormscrews

Watchmakers looking for the solution
The realisation of high quality castle-wheel and crown-wheel at high speed remained a problem to solve. …until today. Equipped with a pneumatic system of clamping force adjustable continuously, the device allows working on both sides with collet clamping automatically shifted from one side to the other. It’s easy to imagine the gain on cycle time, but what about precision? “As we align the two collets relatively one to the other with fine tuning, we guarantee concentricity and precision” says the manager.

New possibilities for (new) markets
It is the first time that the opportunity to cut straight or helical wormscrews is available on Affolter machines. This option can be easily mounted on the B-spindle nose and moves the cutting tool of 90°. The milling cutter is then parallel to the part. The tilting axe of the milling cutter is the same as with a classical nose, i.e. between -45° / 30°, but with an offset of 90° (-135° / -60°). The flexibility of adjustment allows the realisation of wormscrews with a maximum length of 90 mm and maximum diameter of 60 mm with ease. This device will be presented at several trade shows taking place in the last quarter of 2014.

To be discovered in Germany, Italy and Japan
It is a record year for Affolter Technologies in terms of exhibitions, since in 2014 the company is present at 14 events in 9 countries. The next opportunities to meet with the company’s specialists will be AMB, Bimu and Jimtof.

Affolter Technologies SA
Grand Rue 76
CH-2735 Malleray
Tel: + 41 32 491 70 00
Fax: + 41 32 491 70 05


You can discover all the recents articles on Affolter Technologies here.



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