FEMTOprint: Winner of the first-ever PHOTONICS AWARD

3 07 2015

The PHOTONICS Award 2015 was announced on Wednesday June 24th 2015 at the Munich Messe (DE), during the LASER World of PHOTONICS, the yearly international exhibition for the laser and photonic industry. Together with the World of Photonics Congress, this international fair brings together research and industry and promotes the use and ongoing development of optical technologies.

FEMTOprint: Winner of the first-ever PHOTONICS Award

FEMTOprint: Winner of the first-ever PHOTONICS Award

FEMTOprint is presenting its technology at the event until June 25th at the STARTUP WORLD, one of the most important parts of the fair. Moreover, it was among the three finalists in the “3D Printing” category of the first-ever PHOTONICS Award 2015. The competition seeks to recognize the best product innovations from up-and-coming companies in a broad spectrum of optical technologies. The products presented by a number of start-ups from all over the world address an array of application fields, biophotonics, medical technology, optoelectronics, and additive manufacturing. A jury of experts evaluated all the submissions for their outstanding product innovations and awarded FEMTOprint, a 1.5 year old Swiss start-up with many challenging objectives achieved, already.

“We are so gratified of this surprising prize that not only give our young start-up the chance to raise its profiles at leading global events, but also rewards our team for its outstanding engagement” says Nicoletta Casanova, the CEO of FEMTOprint. “Being the winner of the first-ever PHOTONICS Award motivates us to keep working with passion on the development and improvement of our innovative 3D micro manufacturing process, and to further disseminate our technology in our target sectors: the watch, micromaching and medtech industries. We thank the jury for their trust”.

The FEMTOPRINT® technology is a breakthrough innovative manufacturing process to produce 3D microdevices that integrate optical, fluidic, mechanical features down to the nano-scale on a single glass substrate. No other technique can produce complex and challenging 3D microdevices out of glass and other transparent materials on a single substrate with nanometric resolution, and outside a clean-room environment.

FEMTOPRINT® technology uses a femtosecond laser that changes the properties of the material, such as the density and refractive index, with a sub-micron resolution. With no more than the energy of a bright LED delivered in ultra-short pulses, any transparent material can be modified in the three dimensions. This is opening the field of complex 3D printing on a broad range of substrates, as fused silica, borofloat, some polymers, and even hard substrates like sapphire and ruby.

FEMTOprint is a Swiss company which develops, produces and distributes the unique and leading-edge FEMTOPRINT® technology, and the related services that enable cost-effective 3D micro-manufacturing of transparent devices with high precision, high resolution and reliability. The company is recognized for the quality of its technical expertise developing challenging and innovating products. The FEMTOprint products are sold internationally to the watch industry, the biomed, industries working in optics and electronics, universities and research centers.


Industrializing “additive manufacturing” for a competitive and sustainable economy

29 06 2015

At the “Additive Manufacturing European Conference” organized by CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool industries, at the European Parliament in Brussels on 23 June, high level representatives from industry, academia, EU institutions, think tanks and standardisation organisations discussed how to achieve the full-scale industrialisation of additive manufacturing (AM) in a rapid and cost-effective manner whilst generating the highest value for society.

Industrializing “additive manufacturing” for a competitive  and sustainable economy

Industrializing “additive manufacturing” for a competitive
and sustainable economy

The Conference confirmed that AM creates perspectives in terms of technology, markets and economic development, as well as sustainability. The design freedom brought by AM stretches the imagination of designers and engineers to develop highly functional products which respond to complex customer needs. Moreover, layer-by-layer production generates unprecedented savings on material and energy usage, making AM a blueprint for sustainable and competitive manufacturing.
Jean Camille Uring, CECIMO President said: “Additive manufacturing can satisfy Europe’s appetite for innovation and can boost the added value of industrial production. AM is still a relatively young technology which needs to be further developed so that its full potential can be unleashed. Europe has to move fast amidst global competition to turn AM into a mainstream technology that serves multiple sectors.”
Reinhard Bütikofer, Member of the European Parliament, hosting the conference stated: “Europe is in dire need of new economic dynamism. Additive manufacturing offers great potential for disruptive innovation. It can boost industrial competitiveness and, at the same time, deliver significant material and energy efficiency gains. We need an ambitious EU industrial policy that taps into new technologies and industrial trends to promote competitiveness and sustainability”.
It was recognised that AM is an integral part of the digitisation trend in manufacturing. AM allows to convert digital data into products whilst disrupting existing production processes and supply chains. Supply chains are shifted to the virtual environment and the storage requirements are reduced to the hardware necessary to store files. By promoting mass-customization and on demand-production nearby customers, AM can become a key driver of Europe’s reindustrialisation.
At the conference, strong emphasis was put on the impact of AM on the society. Although industrial AM applications find their way across sectors such as automotive and energy, the aerospace and medical sectors appear to be the two main early adopters. Lightweight construction of air vehicles allows saving thousands of tons of emissions every year. AM drives efficient production of customized prosthetics and implants, providing a better quality of life to hundreds of thousands of people at reduced costs.
Filip Geerts, CECIMO Director General: “Additive Manufacturing is moving fast towards becoming a mainstream technology. However there are challenges and obstacles on the way to its industrialization that should be cleared and to that end, adequate government policy must play a role in technology development and market uptake. With the know-how, skilled workforce and resources, Europe has the potential of becoming a global center of excellence in AM”
Commenting on the outcome of the event, Clara de la Torre, Director for Key Enabling Technologies, at DG Research of the European Commission, stated: “Only in the 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013), €160 million in EU funding was granted to more than 60 successful projects on additive manufacturing technologies. In the first year of the Horizon 2020 Programme, in 2014, nine AM projects and actions were selected to benefit from more than €17 million in EU funding.”
Industrial and research stakeholders attending the event underlined that the continuation of EU funding is essential to overcome current technical limitations to AM. It will also bring the technology closer to series production which will unlock its full economic potential.
The strongest message that came out of the Conference was a call to the EU to adopt a “European strategy for Additive Manufacturing” which bridges complementary capabilities and resources across Member States. It was highlighted that such a strategy should look beyond research funding so as to accelerate the market uptake of AM, including standardisation, finance, awareness raising, skills, IPR, liability as well qualification and certification procedures.
Mr. Geerts concluded: “Europe does not have the luxury to lag behind competitors in disruptive technologies which transform the economy. It has to aim at global leadership. We hope that the new EU Industrial Policy Roadmap and the Digital Single Market Strategy will give the necessary attention to AM”.


Delcam makes Learning Zones available as a free iPad App

22 06 2015

Delcam has made the Learning Zones for its full range of CADCAM software available as a free App for iPads. The App can be downloaded from the Apple App store at https://itunes.apple.com/app/id988414798


The Delcam Learning Zone App comprises tutorials for the latest releases of all Delcam software, including the company’s CAM programs, PowerMILL, FeatureCAM and PartMaker; the PowerSHAPE Pro CAD and reverse engineering software; the PowerINSPECT inspection system and the ArtCAM range of artistic CADCAM programs, plus the Delcam CRISPIN range for the design and manufacture of footwear.

A selection of case study videos from the Delcam.tv website is also included, in which a number of customers talk about their relationship with Delcam and the benefits they get from using the software.

Users with suitable internet connections can stream the videos using the Learning Zone App. Alternatively, the videos can be downloaded and then viewed offline at any time.

The videos can be filtered by product and/or by industry category to help viewers find the content that is relevant to them. In addition, any of the videos can be made a ‘favourite’ so that it is easy for users to go back to their preferred material.

While the Learning Zone App is intended mainly for existing customers, it will also help companies interested in adding Delcam software to see the latest developments in the programs.

New tutorials for new product releases will be added to the Learning Zone App as they are developed to help users make the most of each new version of their Delcam software.

The current version of the Learning Zone App can only be used on iPads but an Android version is also being prepared that will be released shortly.

TOLEXPO, France’s leading sheet metal working event celebrates 10 years

17 06 2015

Spotlight on the first ever Tolexpo Trophy! Launched for the show in November 2015, the Tolexpo Trophy – which is part of the Midest Trophies ‐ is the only one in France dedicated exclusively to manufacturers of production equipment for sheet, tubing and profile metal working. The Tolexpo Trophy is jointly run by the Tolexpo and Midest organisers. It is open only to Tolexpo exhibitors involved in the Tolexpo new products campaign.


Created in 2009, the aim of this campaign is to promote major new products from the sector during the period between Tolexpo shows (November 2013 to November 2015). After studying each entry, a panel of journalists, engineering centre representatives and Tolexpo and Midest consultants will issue a shortlist of nominees in early October. The winner will be announced at the traditional Midest trophy award ceremony to be held at the Midest trade show after its official opening. This initiative will showcase new products in the sheet metal sector (strengths and performances) presented by equipment manufacturers and retailers. The last show in 2013 saw no fewer than 64 new products exhibited at Tolexpo, including one international launch.

It’s all happening at tolexpo.com!
Today, the show’s online portal enables the Tolexpo community to communicate about trades and sectors, stay up to date with sector news throughout the year and grow their professional network thanks to three new features:
• The News section for your profession
• Social networks: Tolexpo on Facebook & Twitter
• The publication of exhibitor press releases

Exhibitor profiles (Key figures Tolexpo 2013)
• More than 200 exhibitors with 46% from abroad
• 71% of exhibitors have supported Tolexpo since it was created in 2005

Tolexpo 2015: eagerly awaited by the entire profession
Targeted visitors looking for new equipment are expected to discover the products and technical innovations offered by suppliers at the show. At Tolexpo, visitors will find solutions to all their needs, whether they are looking to renew or modernise their equipment, begin using new technology, improve their productivity, bring their businesses into line with standards and regulations, etc.
• 11,000 targeted visitors
• Visitors with a strong decision‐making level: 49% decision makers and 36% prescribers
• 62% with concrete investment plans
• Visitors come from (outside France): 19% from abroad, from 65 countries and 29 from Europe

Partnership with Midest and Maintenance Expo: a long‐lasting agreement
The organizers of Tolexpo, Midest, the global show for all industrial subcontracting know‐how, and Maintenance Expo, the maintenance solutions show, are continuing to work together in order to create communication synergies and boost their industry sectors. The major objective is to create a technological showcase which will bring the expertise of sub‐contractors together with that of production equipment manufacturers.
This agreement confirms the close links between these three events, which are positioning themselves to cover the whole of the industrial process, from start to finish, in various business sectors. It offers buyers and principals the opportunity to find solutions to all their needs under one roof:
• equipment and investments with Tolexpo,
• expertise with Midest,
• and services with Maintenance Expo.

Practical information
200 exhibitors with 46% from abroad
Exhibitor profile: manufacturers and distributors of production equipment for sheet metal, tube and section working technologies:
Assembly – Welding – Blanking – Drawing – Forming – Punching ‐ Laser Cutting ‐ Gas Cutting ‐ Plasma Cutting ‐ Water Cutting – Notching – Rolling Slitting – Bending – Shearing – FMS ‐ Plate Edging – Deburring – Degreasing – Washing – Measurement – Monitoring ‐ Cad‐Cam ‐ Roller Forming – Tooling Robotics ‐ Handling Systems – Storing ‐ Press Equipment – Spinning – Protection ‐ Cutting‐To‐Length ‐ Tube and Section – Machining – Beading ‐ Sawing, etc.

Visitors: 11,000 visitors from 65 countries


SIAMS 2016 – A record level of inquiries

15 06 2015

10 months before it will open, the Automation, Mechanics and Subcontracting Fair, which will take place in Moutier from April 19th till April 22nd, 2016, shows a record number of rental requests. On June 22nd, the organizers will unveil new aspects of the fair with the launch of the new website, which is especially dedicated to registrations.

Laurence Gygax, Customer Manager, and Pierre-Yves Kohler, CEO of SIAMS, in front of the new SIAMS corporate-identity visuals.

Laurence Gygax, Customer Manager, and Pierre-Yves Kohler, CEO of SIAMS, in front of the new SIAMS corporate-identity visuals.

Although registrations can only be submitted from June 22nd, the level of anticipated demands is very high. Laurence Gygax, Customer Manager, attributes this phenomenon to the great success of the 2014 event and says: “Our loyal customers have never before been in such a hurry to register, and more than 40 interested new companies have contacted us to date. We have already been contacted quite a lot since March. This bodes well and indicates that SIAMS holds an important place in the strategy of companies active in microtechnology and the precision industry.”

Will there be enough space for everyone?
The rental exhibition surface of nearly 8,000 m2 cannot be expanded and the organizers expect to have to turn people away. CEO Pierre-Yves Kohler explains: “The limited size and number of around 450 exhibitors can be seen as a handicap, but is also one of the strong points of SIAMS. This allows us to offer visitors only stands focusing on the stakeholders of the microtechnology production chain. It is thus possible to organize a one-day visit to Moutier and still have the guarantee of finding the stakeholders that count in the field of European microtechnology.” As a result of this upwardly limited number of exhibitors und the effect of a niche-type trade fair, available stands are quickly rented. If readers are interested, it is recommend to register from June 22 online at www.siams.ch.

A new communication service for exhibitors
The new SIAMS website is to be a tool at the service of our exhibitors. As early as June of this year, they may use the SIAMS Internet platform to communicate their news to the market. Indeed, once they have registered, they will receive a login and be able to publish their news directly on the SIAMS website. From the very moment of publication, their message can be found on the SIAMS homepage, in the news window, along with the company name and the date of publication. Of course, these news will be linked to the exhibitors’ own profiles, which visitors to the site may also access. “With this service, we want to help our customers to become more visible, not only during the event itself but all over the year”, says Pierre-Yves Kohler.

Z.I. Route de Sorvilier 21
CH-2735 Bévilard

From June 22, don’t miss the new website www.siams.ch 

MachineWorks Delivers Hybrid Manufacturing Simulation

12 06 2015

The so-called Hybrid Manufacturing, is nothing more and nothing less than the blend of subtractive and additive manufacturing processes. This is news today because an increasing number of high-profile machine tool manufacturers that are bringing to market hybrid CNC multi-tasking machines combining traditional CNC machining with additive manufacturing on the same machine.


Where does MachineWorks fits in Hybrid Manufacturing?

Over 60% of the leading CAM manufacturers across the world have integrated MachineWorks’ Software Development Toolkit (SDK) to drive their CNC simulation and verification seamlessly inside their CAM applications.

Now that the demands of the market are expanding to include 3D printing simulation functionality in a CNC environment, both CAD/CAM software providers and machine tool manufacturers are turning to MachineWorks to provide this enhanced functionality.

What has MachineWorks Software got that we haven’t?

MachineWorks Software encompasses key functionality for the simulation of both process; traditional CNC machining where the material is being removed, as well as additive manufacturing where the material is being added. Furthermore, MachineWorks software offers analysis of the finished part and a quality check of both processes.

The unique Boolean algorithms that underlie MachineWorks’ core technology have been developed since 1994 and are specifically optimised to make a robust CNC simulation. The MachineWorks engines can perform complex geometrical calculations and demanding solid model processing quickly and accurately. MachineWorks’ revolutionary way of handing solid meshes has provided the 3D printing industry with automatic software solutions for processing polygons.

That’s all very well and good, but we need flexibility

The degree of flexibility and customisation that MachineWorks APIs can offer to the Hybrid Manufacturing processes is unique, whether it is layer by layer addition or cutting material on the same stock. Mike Nicholson, Sales & Marketing Director of MachineWorks says, “We have always been able to deliver material addition as well as material removal but recently we have seen the demand for additive simulation rocketing”.
About MachineWorks Ltd

MachineWorks Software sets the standard for CNC simulation and verification component software in the industry. More than 60% of CAM developers in the world have integrated MachineWorks technology into their applications and benefited from MachineWorks’ cutting-edge functionality since 1994. MachineWorks’ toolkit has been integrated by software and hardware OEMs looking for a solution in simulation of material removal and clash and gouge detection of any type of CNC machining. MachineWorks’ core technology combines speed, accuracy and stability. It is ideally suited for anti-crash systems, complex machining and full machine simulation.


Industry research defines the future of Medtec Europe

10 06 2015

Medtec Europe, organised by UBM EMEA, welcomed more than 6,000 medtech professionals to Messe Stuttgart, demonstrating this is the go-to place for sourcing the latest products, discovering new innovations and hearing from experts across the medtech industry.

Medtec  Europe welcomed more than 6,000 medtech professionals to Messe Stuttgart

Medtec Europe welcomed more than 6,000 medtech professionals to Messe Stuttgart

The event, which took place 21-23 April 2015, experienced transport issues but still saw over 67% of attendees from Germany with an increase of 2% in those responsible for purchasing within their organisation. The 2015 event saw a 36% increase in R&D, Engineering, Manufacturers and Procurement specialists alongside those within CEO and Executive Management positions

“Medtec Europe is a very specific and targeted exhibition and we are very happy with the attendance” summarizes Lucie Heidar, Business Development Manager, Henkel. “All the players in the medical device market are here and it is very good for meeting new players too. It is good for closing deals and to reconfirm our activity on the medical market.”

The focus for the event this year was defined by research undertaken within the industry. The free education programme showcased industry experts within the Cardiology, Additive Manufacturing, Orthopaedics, Invitro-diagnostics and many other disciplines which were well received and complimented the huge range of suppliers at the show.

The Medtec Meetings programme allowed both exhibitors and visitors to identify who they wanted to meet at the event and book meetings prior to arriving at the show to ensure they made the most of their time at Medtec Europe. The meetings programme saw 260 connections made in both the dedicated meetings area and on exhibitor’s stands. This programme, alongside the Xing Group meet up, provided visitors with networking opportunities, an important aspect as identified within the research.

Commenting on what Medtec Europe provided at the event this year, Chris Edwards, Event Director said, “We have been speaking with the medtech industry over the past year to learn about their needs and provide a benefit to attending the event. The show for 2015 provided a destination where the professional community were able to interact with suppliers, experience high level education and keep on top of the whole buying chain. For 2016, we have introduced a floorplan which groups exhibitors to provide visitors with easy access to suppliers within their field and a better event experience.”



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