PartMaker SwissCAM: continuous innovation

We’ve met with Hanan Fishman responsible for Parmaker in the US (part of Delcam) to discuss the evolution in the past few years. The technological improvements in PartMaker over the past 8 years have been remarkable.
PartMaker’s Advanced Surface Machining (ASM) module features very unique 4 and 5 axis simultaneous milling capability including the specialist “spine finishing” strategy which is ideal for making complex parts like angulated abutments in small batches without the need for form tools or expensive angled attachments.

Headlining some of the major improvements made to the software during this time are:

  • Development of new, advanced surface machining software for 3, 4 and 5 axis simultaneous machining.
  • Release of the “Full Machine Simulation” module for performing virtual reality like 3D machining simulations before committing an NC program to the machine
  • Improvements in solids-based CNC programming.
  • Creation of the PartMaker Modeling application for creating 3D models as well as modifying poor quality 3D data and manipulating “dumb” 3D models
  • Introduction of the PartMaker Documentation Wizard for the automatic creation of highly vivid set-up and process documentation

Supporting the Needs of a Changing Industry
Perhaps the biggest change since 2005 has been the continued change in the Swiss-turning industry in general. PartMaker has focused its development to help its customers cope with these changes. The major fundamental changes in the industry over the past decade have been:

  • Reduced lots sizes
  • Shortage of skilled labor
  • Shorter lead times
  • Increased part complexity
  • Growing popularity in 3D “solid modeling” for mechanical designs

A tool for everyone
PartMaker has reacted to these trends by making the software more capable for advanced users, while continuing to focus on making it easier to use for new users.  A good example of how PartMaker has become easier to use are the improvements made to the software’s user interface in recent releases, where getting around the software has been made faster with more vivid graphics and icons. The software has also been made significantly more capable with improvements to its core machining algorithms, allowing PartMaker to make calculations for more complicated geometries and tool paths faster.

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