One-stop-shop novelties at EMO

6 09 2013

At the EMO trade show in Hannover (16-21 September 2013), LNS will showcase many news in its “one-stop shop” concept on its booth and on the Mazak one.
Today, the LNS Group is the global leader in automating machine tools. “We support our customers with a wide range of peripheral products to optimize their efficiency in all of their key markets. And we want to guarantee flawless service wherever our customers are”, explains Gilbert Lile, CEO of the LNS Europe Business Unit. At the same time, LNS remains dedicated to Switzerland, the place where it all started. Mr. Lile: “The LNS Group’s research and development is driven mainly from Switzerland. We recently opened up a dedicated lab in Orvin and expanded our R&D team. We want to remain one step ahead when it comes to innovation and secure our position as world market leader.”

Alpha 552 bar feeder for the first time in Europe
The entry level bar feeder’s main characteristic is its outstanding reliability. A mechanical beam gives the bars optimum stability; long guiding elements provide optimal guiding and dampening. A reinforced front leg guarantees improved rigidity. “The Alpha 552 can process bars with a diameter range from 5-52mm and a length up to 4.2 meters”, says Samuel Ventron, LNS Europe Product Department Manager (more info here).

Better working conditions…
Other products on display at the LNS booth (Hall 17/D16) are the newly designed oil mist collector Fox WT700 and the Fox SC500 spray cabin. “The Fox WT700, exclusively shown at EMO, is the first model of the WT product range that will be available at the beginning of 2014 and replace the WS series. We did not only improve the design, but also the performance, ergonomics and the lifetime of the filters”, explains Mr. Ventron. “With the development of the SC500 spray cabin, we want to contribute to providing a healthy, clean and safe work environment. The SC500 convinces with high efficiency filtration, low noise level and its mobile and compact design.” (More info about the SC500 here).

Quick Load Servo III with innovative Ethernet connection
At the Mazak booth (Hall 27/C61) visitors will see a Quick Load Servo III bar feeder together with a new Integrex multi-tasking machine. The Quick Load Servo III MI and the CNC will be interconnected with an innovative Ethernet connection to optimize communication and improve productivity.

You can find all the recent news published on LNS on the LNS’ page on Eurotec’s here.

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New entry level bar loader for sliding and fixed headstock machines up to 52 mm

15 07 2013

At EMO this year, LNS will unveil its new entry level bar loader dedicated for high productivity production both on sliding and fixed headstock machines. The company will also unveil other products in its “one stop shop” philosophy.

The Alpha 538/552 is designed with an extra wide heavy duty front leg supporting the critical components of the bar feeder providing maximum rigidity and vibration dampening.

The Alpha 552 is designed with an extra wide heavy duty front leg supporting the critical components of the bar feeder providing maximum rigidity and vibration dampening.

The LNS highly affordable solution to automatically load long bars from 5 mm to 52 mm into fixed and sliding headstock turning machines. The Alpha 552 is a heavy duty design to withstand production processes running at optimum RPMs. High guiding quality, low noise and effective vibration-dampening are guaranteed from start to finish.

Easy to use remote control (HMI)
The prompting remote control is operator friendly and ensures the interaction between the bar feeder and the lathe, and therefore the production process can be run safely and efficiently. The setup is easy and takes less than 1 minute on the panel.

Changeover simplicity
Changeover of bar diameter on magazine tray is performed by a simple manual adjustment via the changeover lever, no tool required. A three position scale allows users to visually see where their new adjustment is aligned for accuracy and quick selection.

For complete diameter changeover, the guiding elements can easily and quickly be replaced. No tool required with this simple and reliable design.

For complete diameter changeover, the guiding elements can easily and quickly be replaced. No tool required with this simple and reliable design.

Greater bar stock stability and less oscillation inside the lathe
The 2-position hydrostatic front stabilizer is set to the bar diameter and automatically opens to the pusher diameter as it feeds through to provide hydrostatic support from start to finish.

Safer operation and optimum RPM with sliding headstock machines
The LNS Swiss safety connection for sliding headstock machines eliminates the unsupported area between the bar feed and machine tool to provide greater safety and better bar stock support. It consists of a series of telescoping tubes that extend in sections to maintain a continuous connection between the Alpha 552 and the machine sliding headstock.

Alpha 552 includes an assortment of reduction tubes to use within the Swiss safety connection and the lathe headstock. The inside diameters of these reduction tubes match those of the bar feed’s guide channels.

The Alpha 552 includes an assortment of reduction tubes to use within the Swiss safety connection and the lathe headstock. The inside diameters of these reduction tubes match those of the bar feed’s guide channels.

We will come back on LNS new products soon…


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PS: You can discover all the articles published on LNS in the new LNS page on Eurotec’s here.






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Tailor-made bar feeding solutions for the watch industry

3 06 2013

The Swiss LNS Group, world market leader in automating machine-tools, introduces the “Tryton Watch Industry”  and  explains how one of the leading watch manufacturers optimizes its productivity.

LNS Watch_Eurotec

With highly successful bar feeder series both in the high-end and entry-level segments, LNS has been a world market leader for nearly 40 years.

Tailor-made solutions to optimize the production cycle of the clients – this is what the R&D teams of the Swiss LNS Group aimed for when developing the new Tryton Watch Industry. “We cooperate very closely with our customers, to analyse their specific requirements and develop products to increase their productivity”, says Samuel Ventron, LNS Europe Product Department Manager. The new bar feeder is dedicated to high precision lathes with a bar diameter range of 1-7mm. “The new Tryton is an optimized version of the Tryton 112 CNC. It is tailored to the needs of the micromechanics industry and watchmakers, with the same high-end performance and a competitive target price”, explains Mr. Ventron. “With the new Tryton Watch Industry, we managed to streamline and reposition the Tryton series.”

680 bar feeders for one of the leading manufacturers in the watch industry
The LNS Group started to supply one of the big players in the watch industry in the mid-1980s and has already provided more than 680 bar feeders for various production units. To further upgrade production efficiency, the customer ordered 50 Tryton Watch Industry bar feeders in order to maximize reliability while limiting functionalities to the requirements. This is why the company ordered 50 Tryton Watch Industry bar feeders. The first units are already in use, loading bars 24 hours a day and seven days a week, optimizing the production cycle.

LNS is going to exhibit at EPHJ in Geneva next week on booth D117.

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You can read the interview of LNS’s managers that is published in June edition of Eurotec here.
You can also discover the interview of EPHJ’s director from the same issue here.




LNS Group joins with Japanese Yoshida Tekko KK to maximize their global presence

9 02 2012

Reinforcing the one-stop-shop strategy: Yoshida Tekko KK, a leader in the Japanese market for chip conveyors, coolant systems and high level filtration systems, joins the Swiss LNS Group. This strategic union allows the LNS Group to further expand in Asia, to serve its customers globally and to offer coolant system and conveyor innovations in the Asian markets.  

The headquarters of LNS Yoshida KK in Nomi, Japan.

The Swiss LNS Group acquires the assets of Yoshida Tekko KK. Founded in 1969 Yoshida Tekko KK is one of the leading companies in the Japanese machine tool industry with more than 100 employees. “Leveraging on both companies’ product portfolios, this strategic union allows us to share technologies and offer our customers a complete solution to automate and optimize their machine tools”, states Thomas Boehmer, CEO of the LNS Group. “We want to optimize the material flow and enhance productivity and efficiency for our customers from the start to the finish of the production cycle”, says Mr. Boehmer.

New company in Japan: LNS Yoshida
The acquisition gives the LNS Group a base to introduce new products into the Japanese market and serve the Japanese clients directly. As LNS is already the market leader for bar feeders in South East Asia and has production facilities in Taiwan and China, the union with Yoshida will further facilitate the Asia expansion and the implementation of the One-Stop-Shop strategy.

Step by step: LNS’ expansion to the One-Stop-Shop
With highly successful bar feeder series such as the “Express” and “Sprint”, LNS has been a world market leader for nearly 40 years.  “The acquisition of the chip conveyor company Turbo Systems Inc. in 2002 gave LNS a market leadership position for conveyors in the USA and a base for expansion in Europe. Since then, we developed the One-Stop-Shop strategy, to automate the CNC machine tools with a concentrated array of peripheral products”, explains Thomas Boehmer. The acquisition of the Italian air filtration specialist Fox IFS in 2010 and the introduction of the air filtration products to Asia was another step on this expansion track. Mr. Boehmer: “While the One-Stop-Shop is already implemented in the United States and Europe, the acquisition of Yoshida into the LNS Group allows us to realize this strategy in Asia, too.”

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New range of bar feeders

12 10 2011

After the success of the SBF320 bar feeders on the Delta and Gamma product ranges, Tornos has introduced a new low-cost line of “e” bar feeders at EMO.

These bar feeders are different from their predecessors in that they are more simple in design and offer basic functions. They have an offset control on the bar feeder and guide components for a single channel.

Optimal integration
These bar feeders were developed in conjunction with the development of the machines and this helped eliminate all the trade-off and interfacing-related problems such as those sometimes encountered with so-called “universal” bar feeders.

Not revolution, evolution!
By adopting the characteristics that made its predecessors so successful, Tornos can now offer a “simple” alternative to its high-end bar feeders.
On the “e” range, all the controls are found in one unit. The number of guide components offered as an option has been increased and the guide channels are inter-compatible between models. Its operating flexibility is a real advantage.

Close attention has been paid to the design of the SBF212e which will support turning machines up to a spindle diameter of 12 mm. Screw loading prevents small diameter bars from overlapping. The insertion into the guide at the screw outlet will be accompanied by a mechanical movement.


  • Optimum integration
  • Guaranteed bar guiding
  • Offset control on the bar feeder
  • A single guide channel per guide
  • One supplier for machine and bar feeder
  • Excellent price/performance/quality ratio

These new peripherals were premiered at EMO and the first orders will be delivered at the start of 2012.
For more information
Tornos SA
Tel. +42 32 494 44 44

Eurotec special EMO just released

1 09 2011

This year’s EMO takes place in difficult times. The previous crisis is just behind but money, exchange rates and debts of countries already work for another one. This is a pity because these “artificial” aspects actually act on the real economy based on creating values by doing something (a little too simplistic, I know). At EMO the manufacturers will show that they have worked well during the previous calm period and are ready to face anything that could come with very innovative products.

Our next issue is full of novelties presented by companies. We’ve already presented some of these on the blog in a short way, but now you can read the whole stories:

  • Pemamo, Switzerland – New vertical machine
  • Willemin-Macodel – Robustness of processes
  • Emissa – Productivity in motion
  • LNS – One stop shop
  • Esco – The alternative to classical high precision turning
  • Schaublin-Machines – 137, 102 with integrated robot
  • Alicona – 3D measurment in production
  • Newemag – New machines at EMO
  • Gloor – Mini internal whirl thread mills
  • Tornos – MultiSwiss, Cyklos, Delta 38
  • Blue Competence for machine tool

Other topics are:

  • Recomatic – New finishing center
  • Mikron – Success story
  • Peripherals by Olaer
  • NGL, how to value cleaning
  • Point of view about Motek, Stuttgart
  • Point of view about Orthotec, Zürich
  • Presentation of EMO, Motek and Microsys

The magazine will reach customers within a few days.
Eurotec is also available for reading online here (the Tornos articles published on the embedded decomagazine are reachable here).

A lot of novelties will be available at EMO and we will be there to gather more valuable information for our readers. By the way, if you actually want to communicate on the microtechnology field in Europe, we have the right media for you (contact information here).

Happy reading!

Pierre-Yves Kohler

EMO Hannover: LNS bar feeder innovations in the spotlight

17 08 2011

The Swiss LNS Group introduces sophisticated bar feeder innovations, reinforcing its global expansion strategy. The new Express 332 S2, the Alpha ST320 S2 and the Alpha SL65 S have key attributes in common: user friendliness, reliability, energy efficiency, and maximum productivity. Besides the new bar feeders, LNS also presents chip conveyor and coolant management (CCM) innovations.

Improved rigidity, flexibility and user friendliness: The Express 332 S2

Optimizing the productivity, keeping the philosophy
The successful bar feeder series Express 332, designed to handle long bar stocks, was launched in 2001. “It was now time not only to refresh the product, but to redesign it from scratch”, says Carlos Muniz, LNS Global Product Manager Bar Feed. The successor, Express 332 S2, combines the best elements of the Sprint and Express series and convinces with improved rigidity, flexibility and user friendliness. LNS implemented experiences with the Sprint family and used the concept of the mechanical beam to increase stability, optimize the dynamic behavior and provide for a perfect guiding. A fast diameter changeover makes the bar feeder very flexible. The Express 332 S2 is equipped with a color touch screen, making it easy to control the shape, diameter, feed length and to trouble-shoot. All elements are compatible with the Express 332. The 32 mm segment especially targets the medical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic, aviation and automotive industries. Like all other LNS bar feeders, the new Express 332 is fully CE compliant.

Proven in thousands of applications: the reliable Alpha ST320
New on the international bar feeder markets is the follow-up to the successful Alpha ST320. “The S2 is highly reliable and economical. It can easily handle long production runs without any problems or downtimes”, says Muniz. The LNS research & development teams kept the concept and underlying technology of the entry-level bar feeder, but increased the rigidity. “We changed the core of the machine, installed a more rigid front rest, simplified the bar selection, improved the guiding zone with aluminum profiles, and added a much stronger remnant extraction. All of that makes the machine more rigid. The Alpha ST320 S2 is designed for maximum reliability and long production runs, whereas the Express 332 S2 is more flexible.”

Simple, reliable and economical: the Alpha SL 65 S
A third groundbreaking innovation is the new Alpha SL65 S. It is simple, reliable and economical and especially designed for short bar stocks. “Operating with long bar stocks can cause problems, when those bar stocks are not completely straight when cheaply manufactured or transported without care. An un-straight bar stock creates vibrations, causing problems with surface finish and tool life. The solutions are either to reduce the rotating speed, which would minimize productivity, or to cut the stock in shorter parts and produce in full speed”, explains Muniz. The short bar stocks are exactly what the Alpha SL65 S was developed for. The bar feeder is easy to handle, from the loading rack and the remote control all the way to the diameter changeover.

CCM: green innovations
The LNS Group does not only present bar feeder innovations, but also chip disposal and coolant management (CCM) novelties. “The new CCM products convince with optimized efficiency and reduced energy consumption”, explains Jamie Towers, Global Product Manager CCM. The patent pending Turbo MH250 is unique on the market. It operates with only one motor and belt, filtering all chip types and shapes as well as all kind of materials. The energy consumption has been cut down by 50%, making it one of the most environment friendly filtering conveyors on the market. Due to its versatility, ease of maintenance, energy efficiency and the reduction of down times, the Turbo MH250 is a very cost-effective and smart solution. Another LNS innovation launched on the market is the PowerStream VP high pressure coolant system (HPC). “With the PowerStream VP, we complete our HPC product range”, comments Towers. The innovative plug-and-play unit allows programmable variable pressure outputs, making the product highly flexible and energy efficient. Towers: “The system does not create excess flow which wastes energy and creates excess heat. In tests, customers were able to reduce drastically energy consumption.”

More information

Recent news about LNS

Recent articles about LNS
Eurotec 374 (February 2011) – Expanding the one-stop-shop


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