Bystronic presents new ByCut Star 3015

November 2023

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Bystronic presents new ByCut Star 3015
Efficient laser cutting with cutting heads, now in the “S” format.

The ByCut Star 4020 was already an eye-catcher, and the smaller, completely new ByCut Star 3015 is its equal in every way: With the same features, it cuts sheet metal with measurements of 3 x 1.5 meters with precision, speed, and intelligence.

The ByCut Star 3015 is, of course, also available with a power of up to 30 kilowatts. For you, this means higher cutting quality, greater production flexibility, and thus productivity due to even more laser power as well as smart features.

Increased speed
The technological leap from the previously available 3-to-20-kilowatt levels to the new 30-kilowatt level is considerable, and it opens up new possibilities for you to optimize your production and, as a result, to remain at the forefront of ever-tougher competition. Cutting thicknesses up 50 millimeters become a reality.

The cutting speeds of the ByCut Star therefore increase significantly compared to 15 kW and MixGas for sheet thicknesses between 6 mm and 15 mm. The piercing times are also shorter for sheet thicknesses from 15 mm.

“With the new ByCut Star 3015, our customers receive a compact premium laser cutter with high power and smart features for consistently excellent quality and high productivity.” Daniel Brenner, Product Management Systems

Ahead of the competition thanks to smart features
Intelligent functions of the ByCut Star help sheet metal processors achieve maximum quality, thus making the difference clear.

The 3015 is also distinguished by the latest smart features: the “Intelligent Cutting Process (ICP),” the “Nozzle Control Tool (NCT) with KerfScan,” and the “Parameter Wizard” elevate the entire cutting process to a new level and ensure smooth functioning, guaranteeing you optimal utilization and improving production time without downtime.

Sharp design
The new ByCut Star 3015 cuts an equally distinctive figure: Because it is also built on One Platform, it also has the same modern, sharp contours creating a striking appearance.

With the ByCut Star 3015, you receive a high-power laser cutting system that fits into any production hall.

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