GF Machining Solutions presents solutions for the world of high precision at EPHJ 2023

June 2023
GF Machining Solutions presents solutions for the world of high precision at EPHJ 2023

At EPHJ, taking place from 6 – 9 June 2023 in Geneva (Switzerland), GF Machining Solutions will show which innovations can help watchmakers accelerate their production.

GF Machining Solutions will be present at Booth A74 with the Microlution ML-5 and showcases with examples for the company’s capabilities in different technologies. The Laser micromachining solution ML-5 is able to achieve high surface and edge quality thanks to its ability to machine a wide range of materials with no tool wear and no heat- affected zone. All steps can be performed in one setup, which makes manufacturers reach a higher productivity. The solution’s unique granite-based mechanical design allows for a high and constant speed and thermal stability. At the same time, the platform is automation-ready, enabling manufacturers to increase their unattended production time. The ML-5 has been nominated for the "Grand Prix des Exposants 2023", which will be awarded at the show. The reason for this is the flexibility of the machine to produce different watch geometries.

At the EPHJ trade show, GF Machining Solutions is launching a new laser software version of LaserCAM, specifically designed for laser engraving, micromachining and decoration operations, which play an enormous role in watchmaking. Not only does LaserCAM offer operators a completely new interface for creating and editing laser engraving and decoration designs with ease, but it also increases the calculation speeds, reducing the time required for programming and setup. Philippe Langel, Head of Laser TSE, GF Machining Solutions, is thrilled to launch the new software. "This software will help manufacturers take their laser engraving, micromachining and decoration operations to the next level. It offers a range of powerful tools and features that will enable manufacturers to create high-quality products quickly and efficiently." Visitors are invited to visit the booth of GF Machining Solutions for a live demonstration displaying how the software can be used to tackle watchmaking and micromachining applications.

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