Connect Plug & Play your machine to the cloud by using Alleantia

October 2021

Founded in 2011, Alleantia is a leader for its plug & play software solutions applied to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

The integration of the Alleantia IIoT with the TeamViewer IoT suite with the AR applications available in the prestigious TeamViewer suite (Frontline and Viscopic), presented to visitors of EMO 2021, allows to connect, Plug&Play, to the cloud industrial machines of any application compartment in order to monitor, analyze and program them easily, from anywhere and at any time, through an out-of-the-box connectivity from remote supporting, in this way, the activities of smart assembling and those of start-up, service and maintenance of production assets.
MacBuilder 4.0 is the innovative Alleantia suite presented in world premiere at EMO Milan, designed for machine and plant manufacturers who want to transform their machines into Smart Machines to solve problems that require greater efficiency in the use of production assets for the benefit of end customers.
With Alleantia’s MacBuilder 4.0 suite, all machine builders can turn problems and needs, their own and those of their customers, into solutions, enhancing digital business opportunities.

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