EVOSYS shows solutions for laser welding of plastics at Med-tecLIVE with T4M and at KUTENO

March 2022

Evosys Laser GmbH is exhibiting at this year’s MedtecLIVE with T4M in Stuttgart and also at KUTENO in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. At both German trade fairs, the technology leader will showcase solutions for laser welding of plastics such as the compact EVO 0550 and EVO 0750 laser modules and the PICTOR measuring device.

Evosys Laser GmbH will be exhibiting at MedtecLIVE with T4M, a merger of two major medical technology trade fairs, from May 03-05. The laser welding ex-perts will show what is important when welding plastics in medical technology in Hall 10, Booth 348. The company will also be presenting its exhibits (Hall 3, Booth Z17) at KUTENO, the northern German subcontracting trade show from May 10-12.

The EVO 0550 and EVO 0750 laser modules enable efficient project planning and flexible use. Due to their compact design, they can be integrated into almost any manufacturing environ-ment and thus offer maximum efficiency - even in fully automated industrial production. In ad-dition, they are pre-calibrated and already contain the laser control system, which simplifies worldwide interchangeability and process transfer. Due to their ease of use and clean room capability, EVOSYS laser modules are well suited for use in the medical technology and phar-maceutical industries, as well as in the automotive and consumer sectors.

EVO 0750}}: The laser welding modules are a fast and uncomplicated solution for laser welding of plastics in production.}

Due to its high precision, localized energy input and cleanliness, laser plastic welding is suitab-le for production in many industries. Typical applications include joining of housing parts or display windows but also medical devices and consumables such as sterile packaging, micro-fluidic components and lab-on-a-chip systems. The latter can be manufactured particularly hygienically using this process.

Also on display at the booth is Intego PICTOR, a high-precision transmission measuring de-vice. This can be used to check both the optical properties of plastic components before the welding process and the finished weld seam for any deviations and defects - for each indivi-dual component. This is partly indispensable for quality control in modern manufacturing.

Visitors can bring their own material and product samples to the show and have their transmittance determined at the EVOSYS booth using PICTOR.


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