New open-type carriage welding head

June 2012

Polysoude presents its latest revolutionary carriage-type welding head, the Polycar 30 AVC/OSC. This product was manufactured to satisfy high market demand following an increase in the number of more compact constructions and therefore reduced accessibility in terms of radial clearance around tubes to be welded.

The new open-type carriage welding head by Polysoude is perfectly suitable for applications with reduced radial clearance.

In reply to a call for tender for a customer specialised in uranium enrichment, the technical specifications stipulated the following requirements ...and were achieved:

Universal head Polysoude has thus designed a welding head, capable of welding virtually all weldable materials (including aluminium) with reduced radial clearance of tubes ranging from 32 to 168 mm in diameter. The carriage welding head is mounted on a guide ring adapted to the diameter of the tube to be welded. During the welding process, the welding head travels around the tube.


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