Gear milling cutters in record time

October 2023

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Gear milling cutters in record time
Horn provides gear milling cutters with a short lead time, focusing on its own circular milling system.

After the customer’s enquiry, the HTC system offers the possibility of automatically generating a tool drawing for all gear profiles up to module 3. This shortens the design phase. The system enables quotations to be generated within one working day. Quotations with technical drawings are available the next working day. With the Greenline process, Horn offers delivery within five working days. The number of pieces is limited to a batch size of 50 and approval of the drawing by the customer is a prerequisite.

The circular interpolation milling system from Horn offers the user a number of process advantages: It is fast, reliable and achieves good surface finish. The tool, which is guided on a helical path, plunges into the material at an angle that may be either steep or very shallow. This makes it possible, for example, to produce threads in reproducibly high quality. Compared to machining with indexable inserts for larger diameters, or with solid carbide cutters for smaller diameters, circular milling is generally more economical. Circular milling cutters have a wide range of applications.

They machine steel, special steels, titanium, aluminium and special alloys. The precision tools are particularly suitable for groove milling, helical milling, thread milling, T-slot milling, profile milling and gear milling. However, they are also ideal for special applications such as the milling of sealing grooves or in connecting rod machining.

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