Yamaha Robotics releases 3dD hybrid AOI system - YRI-V TYPEHS

February 2024

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Yamaha Robotics releases 3dD hybrid AOI system - YRI-V TYPEHS
With a 25-megapixel high-resolution camera, achieving approximately 1.6 times faster speed than conventional models.

Yamaha Robotics announced today that on March 1st, 2024, the Company will add the high-end specification YRi-V TypeHS to the YRi-V 3D hybrid automated optical inspection (AOI) system, which achieves both high speed and high precision in operation, for electronic component mounting factories.

YRi-V TypeHS has significantly improved image processing capability by adopting a high-resolution 25-megapixel camera, which is more than twice that of previous models, and the latest high-performance CPU and GPU applications. As a result, high-definition inspection with resolutions of 7 μm and 5 μm is approximately 1.6 times faster than previous models, making the new model one of the fastest in the industry.

In addition to the conventional high-precision 8-direction 3D projector, a high-performance 3D line laser has been newly installed. By combining this with 3D projector images using the phase shift method, it is now possible to reproduce the shapes of specular and transparent components more accurately, further improving inspection capabilities.

This provides greater accuracy in detection capability for 0201 (0.25mm x 0.125mm) sized ultra-small chips and specular-glossy components, further contributing to improved quality in module and device PCB production.

Market Background and Product Outline
The reliability shown with SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) processes directly affects the market value of the products. The SMT field in recent years has seen the shift toward smaller sizes, higher densities, greater functionality, and more diversifications accelerate rapidly, and faster yet more precise inspection across all items via automated optical inspection (AOI) will be even more sought after. Also more recently, the use of thin and extremely small WLCSPs and FOWLPs , which have specular gloss on the package surface, has risen significantly in the market. So, in addition to specular components that are difficult to inspect, the need for compatibility to mount ultra-small chips at narrow pitch is dramatically increasing.

In response to these market changes and demands, with the YRi-V being developed and released in July 2021, Yamaha Robotics has produced an AOI system that is extremely fast and highly accurate, achieving accurate detection even for 0201-sized ultra-small chips and specular glossy components.

With the recently developed YRi-V TypeHS as a high-end specification machine for the YRi-V, further refining of its traditional features such as inspection speed and specular component inspection abilities have been achieved.

With Yamaha’s unique concept of a 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION, the Company is the industry’s leading manufacturer of a full lineup of mounting equipment, including surface mounting machines, SMD storage, solder paste printers, glue dispensers, and inspection system. By leveraging this strength, the Company is promoting the Intelligent Factory, a smart system that comprehensively improves the efficiency of the mounting process through smooth and advanced inter-equipment coordination without black boxes in equipment within the mounting line.

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