Yamaha Robotics introduces solder-paste inspection system with advanced features and flexibility

January 2024

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Yamaha Robotics introduces solder-paste inspection system with advanced features and flexibility
Yamaha Robotics SMT Section has revealed its latest inline solder-paste inspection system, the VP-01G-Y, with advanced features to raise surface-mount production quality and productivity.

Consolidating high-speed and high-resolution inspection capabilities in a single unit, the VP-01G-Y uses advanced algorithms in 2D and 3D modes to aid focusing and contour extraction. Analysis includes 3D solder-paste and adhesive inspection, foreign-matter detection, and board warpage, to assist screen-printing, dispensing, and component-placement processes. The system compensates for board warping and handles inspection of flexible PCBs. Advanced features include a ring light source that provides 360° illumination to ensure reliable inspection and accurate three-dimensional measurements.

The one-head design allows continuous, changeover-free inspection, with 25µm, 20µm, or 15µm lens and software-controlled multiple-resolution switching for additional settings. The resolution is switchable for each visual field, enabling optimum throughput when inspecting boards with areas of high interconnect density and mixed-size parts including ultra-small components down to 0201 and 03015 SMD chips.

Engineered to integrate fully with the 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION for surface-mount assembly and YSUP intelligent factory software, the VP-01G-Y shares data extensively with upstream and downstream equipment. The system responds automatically to setup-change instructions according to the PCB identity, feeds-back inspection results to enhance print quality, and feeds-forward bad-mark data to minimize component-mounting cycle time.

The VP-01G-Y adds powerful data-driven capabilities to surface-mount assembly within a space-efficient footprint of 938mm x 1191mm. The board-size range, from 50mm x 50mm to 510mm x 510mm, fulfils production demands across diverse sectors including automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer electronics manufacturing.

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