arburgXvision: Ten episodes of exquisite infotainment! – Internet TV format to continue in 2022

November 2021

The tenth live broadcast of “arburgXvision” was also incredibly gripping, with fantastic contributions from Bertram Stern and Dr Philipp Kloke that shed light on the complex topic of sustainability. The Arburg experts gave the audience of around 450 deep insights into the company’s strategic goals and practical activities involving “arburgGREENworld”, as well as valuable tips for the reliable and efficient processing of recyclates and bioplastics. In addition, there were two very practical links to the roof of the assembly hall in Lossburg and to the Training Center. Thanks to the great response, we can look forward to more “arburgXvision” episodes in the coming year.

Tenth episode of “arburgXvision” on 25 November 2021 (from left): Arburg experts Bertram Stern and Dr Philipp Kloke discussed important aspects of sustainability, resource efficiency and the circular economy with moderator Guido Marschall.

“The ten ‘arburgXvision’ internet TV programmes this year were extremely well received by the community, in some cases even enthusiastically,” sums up Dr Christoph Schumacher, Head of Marketing at Arburg. “With our exciting mix of topics and entertaining combination of informative expert presentations, practical links to our company headquarters in Lossburg, and in-depth panel discussions, we have obviously struck a chord with the audience. We will therefore continue this lighthouse project in 2022”.

Wide range of topics: from 0-ppm production to photovoltaics
The previous “arburgXvision” episodes gave viewers valuable insights and inspiration. At the premiere in January, Arburg Managing Directors, Gerhard Böhm and Guido Frohnhaus, spoke on the topic of 0-ppm production of plastic parts. The shows continued to cover a broad spectrum of topics, from additive manufacturing and the Gestica control system to Mould Strategy 2.0 and digitally networked injection moulding machines. 

Oliver Giesen’s technical presentation on increasing the machine utilisation rate was also memorable: like a squirrel, he threw a small nut into a jar for each potential saving, and it added up to a considerable amount. One of the particularly exciting experiences for viewers was a live link to Lossburg, where Andreas Armbruster “brought to life” a turnkey system on an assembly test stand. Florian Schmitz, who stood with an umbrella on the assembly hall roof and explained how much energy Arburg generates from solar power each year, will probably also be remembered by many.

Aspects of sustainable and future-proof production
In the latest episode, experts Bertram Stern, Sustainability Manager, and Dr Philipp Kloke, Application and Process Development Engineer, explained important aspects of sustainable and future-proof production.

“Making sustainability my job was the most sensible decision in my life,” said Bertram Stern. He gave viewers an overview of carbon footprints and the circular economy, and explained how to achieve relevant goals in a cost-effective way. Afterwards, Dr Philipp Kloke presented the status quo in process technology under the maxim “recyclates are just plastics after all” and explained how recyclates and bioplastics can be processed reliably and efficiently. 

During a link-up with Lossburg, process engineer Felix Beuter presented Arburg’s new recyclate package. He gave a live demonstration of how the package solution makes the processing of plastic recyclates easier and more reliable thanks to coordinated hardware and software components. Florian Schmitz took viewers high into the sky: the head of Building Services Engineering explained from above the roofs of the Arburg assembly plant how the company headquarters is supplied with renewable energy. In the basement, it was impressive to see how much effort Arburg is putting into resource-efficient building technology, and its use of geothermal energy. As always, viewers were also able to participate in interactive polls and ask the experts questions.

All previous broadcasts available in the Media Centre
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