Making EDM machines fit for the future

May 2022

Updates on GF Machining Solutions’ wire-cutting EDM machines of the CUT C, E and P series can help customers stay competitive, enter new markets and add additional value to their machines during their whole life cycle.

GF Machining Solutions has over 60 years of experience building EDM machines, in which the company has developed a deep expertise on this technology, not only by producing new, more efficient machines, but also by providing new features on their existing machines to push the limits of wire-cutting EDM. Machines already installed on the field can benefit from several upgrades, which allow customers in different market segments to remain competitive in the future. GF Machining Solutions offers five possible upgrade types for the CUT C, E and P EDM machine series. These will help customers to improve their productivity, enlarge their machines’ functionality, reach higher autonomy and ensure process safety.

More productivity after upgrade
With the Turbo Tech upgrade, customers will improve their processes, achieving higher quality and productivity. After the machine is upgraded, it has an additional technology priorities option, which is the perfect compromise between speed and accuracy – in good or bad flushing conditions. Productivity can increase from 10% to 40%, depending on the geometry of the part and the flushing conditions. Turbo Tech is available on steel with different wire types, Ø 0.25 mm (AC Brass, AC Cut VS+, AC Cut VH and AC Cut AH) and AC Brass 0.20 mm diameter. The combination of faster machining and lower wire consumption is a sustainable, state-of-the art technology that answers to customers’ demands.

Upgrades on GF Machining Solutions’ wire-cutting EDM machines can add additional value to them and help customers stay competitive in their market.

Enlarged machine functionality
If the customer’s need is to fulfil new market requirements, they can add functional upgrades to their existing machine, such as the Taper Expert upgrade, designed for producing large taper parts or parts requiring small wire.

Improved production safety and longer lifetime of the equipment
A long-term goal of many customers is to ensure a secure working environment and to increase the lifetime of their equipment. An upgrade linked to Windows 10 allows customers to keep their equipment running on the highest security level, which makes them reach a new safety standard with the latest Microsoft license and adapts their equipment to the known breaches and malware developments. The machines will remain up-to-date and benefit from future security developments, the latest software updates and improvements, while staying connected to rConnect, GF Machining Solutions’ digital solution designed for monitoring the status of the machine. If customers have multiple machines and upgrade them, their machine park will remain at the same operating level.

Improved connectivity and digitalization of production
GF Machining Solutions’ rConnect platform consists of three digital services that make use of connectivity: rConnect Customer Cockpit, rConnect Live Remote Assistance and rConnect Messenger. With the ultra-secure, state-of- the-art hotline rConnect Live Remote Assistance, customers benefit from the personal support of GF Machining Solutions’ highly qualified experts, while the rConnect Messenger app allows them to gain remote access to their machines and receive status updates on their mobile devices. Thanks to the recently developed Seamless Support, a new module in Live Remote Assistance, customers will additionally be able to generate their service requests or ask their questions about applications directly from their control system.

Higher machining autonomy
Customers can enlarge the autonomy of their machines by increasing the working time without human intervention. One example is the big spool upgrade (for up to 25 kg wire), which ensures a longer process continuity with no need for constant change of the wire. By integrating an automated cell into their workflow, customers can even automate their whole process. With these upgrades, customers can modernize and add value to their existing wire-cutting EDM machines.

Success Packs
GF Machining Solutions’ newly conceived Success Packs are designed to maximize customers’ return on investment and help them succeed across all industrial segments. While the "À la carte services" can include operational service interventions, advanced diagnosis, certification, upgrades, training and financial solutions, the Success Packs are a comprehensive range of services that guarantee customers have the support they need for their respective challenges. The Success Packs are staggered into different levels: Bronze, Bronze+, Silver and Silver+.

The Silver Success Pack, which is dedicated to industrial players with fierce competition generating pressure on margins, will provide them with everything they need to increase the performance of their machines. In addition, it comprises an annually scheduled intervention on site, preferred pricing on parts and labor related to preventive maintenance, a certificate for customers using certified wear parts and maintenance services, and an innovative upgrade, such as the Turbo Tech upgrade.

Upgrades on GF Machining Solutions’ wire-cutting EDM machines can add additional value to them and help customers stay competitive in their market.

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