EtherCAT motion control products and capabilities from Mclennan

April 2023
EtherCAT motion control products and capabilities from Mclennan

As part of a comprehensive systems integration service, Mclennan designs, builds and supplies application customised stepper and servo motor-based motion systems that utilise the high-performance, EtherCAT® industrial Ethernet network.

These systems typically harness EtherCAT´s exceptional axis and I/O synchronisation capability to realise easy-to-use multi-axis sub-systems that offer optimal accuracy, greater throughput, and lowered production and development costs. Mclennan works closely with distribution partners that have developed some of the industry´s most convincing EtherCAT motion controllers, stepper and servo motor drives, digital and analogue I/O modules and feedback devices. And, through its in-house design and build capability, Mclennan integrates these products with mechanical components such as actuators, gear units, and positioning stages etc. to provide complete, ready to install, motion-centric sub-systems. Application areas include packaging machinery, medical devices, pharmaceutical test and production equipment, scientific research and more.

The Flex-6-Nano from Mclennan´s distribution partner, Trio Motion, is a powerful integrated EtherCAT servo and stepper controller for exceptionally high-speed synchronised motion and machine control with cycle times as low as 125 microseconds. Its modular construction allows from 2 up to 64 motion axes and the din-rail mounted system also takes care of machine I/O and supplementary motion through Trio´s modular Flexslice 16 in/out digital, analogue and axis modules. The multitasking operating system includes setup and diagnostics from Trio´s Motion Perfect software with programming using the TrioBasic motion language or through IEC611-31. A comprehensive motion library includes electronic gearbox, axis interpolation, maths functions, robotic kinematic transformations and more.

Where open loop control is deemed satisfactory and EtherCAT is preferred, Mclennan can call upon solutions from its USA-based distribution partner AMP Inc. (Applied Motion Products). Its STF series microstepping, intelligent drives are available for up to 10A per phase with compatible stepper motors. A choice of Ethernet interfaces including EtherCAT allows streamed motion commands from the host controller. Alternatively, or in combination with the streamed commands, stored programs on the STF can called from a host-controller using daisy-chained, dual port communications to realise medium level multiple axis synchronisation. The panel mounted STF series also include a compliment of 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs to provide local control of machine functions.

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