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EVOSYS wins another innovation prize with the Best of Industry Award

January 2023

Evosys Laser GmbH wins Best of Industry Award in the plastics technology category. The innovative and patented AQW process convinced the jury and the readers here as well.

The Erlangen-based company develops and manufactures laser welding systems for processing plastics. These are used, for example, in the automotive, medical technology or consumer product industries. Laser welding of plastics is an established and widely used manufacturing process. It is valued above all for its reliability, cleanliness and cost-effectiveness.

Now EVOSYS has been honored with the Best of Industry Award in the category ’plastics technology’. Today more than ever, industry needs innovations and new approaches to master the challenges of the present and the future. Already since 2016, the Best of Industry Award answers the questions which solutions stand out from the crowd and offer real added value. A pre-selection by experts is followed by a vote by readers.

Award ceremony Best of Industry Award 2022. 

After five months of voting, during which almost 20,000 votes were cast, the winners of the Best of Industry Award have now been determined. In the plastics technology category, EVOSYS came out on top with its patented AQW laser welding process (Advanced Quasi-Simultaneous Welding).

The new variant of laser welding of plastics combines two laser beam sources and wavelengths. "This approach is aimed in particular at significantly reducing welding times and extending the process window in quasi-simultaneous welding," explains Lea Sauerwein, responsible development engineer at EVOSYS. By using two different wavelengths, the input of radiant energy and heat can be better controlled. This enables a more reliable and faster welding process.

The award ceremony took place online on Monday, December 12, 2022 and can be viewed at any time at

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