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Powerful Laser Technology for the Electronics Industry

October 2023
Powerful Laser Technology for the Electronics Industry
productronica, which will be held on November 14–17 in Munich, is the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production.

LPKF will be there to present systems for PCB prototyping, PCB depaneling, stencil production, and laser plastic welding with a new, modern exhibition booth at Booth B2.303 in Hall B2. This year’s Semicon Europa is located in the same hall. At Booth B2.154, LPKF will present innovative glass machining using the Vitrion laser machines, for example, for producing glass interposers or for display technology.

The event has been noted in the calendar. Jonathan Haig, LPKF’s Head of Corporate Marketing & Sales Excellence, is looking forward to productronica again this year: “Under the theme of ‘Innovating Electronics Together,’ we will show where LPKF high tech is leading to new, modern products and production processes.” The exhibition booth adopts this idea and will be presented for the first time ever with a new look and feel. It is more interactive than before and has an open structure that provides space for face-to-face discussions.

LPKF is setting the standard in chemical-free PCB prototyping. The ProtoMat S104 and the ProtoLaser U4 will be exhibited at productronica. The ProtoMat S104 is the top mechanical system among circuit board plotters. It structures, drills, and depanels single- or double-sided PCBs with a precision that easily meets the requirements of RF technology. The ProtoLaser U4, in contrast, uses a UV laser as a tool. It too can structure and cut PCBs, but it also shows its strengths in nonstandard and sensitive materials.

Stencils are indispensable for the printing of solder pastes. They are produced in special processes that ensure their quality. The LPKF StencilLaser G6080 is the top-of-the-line system for cutting these foils and is also ideal for microcutting filigree parts. The third generation will be presented: A scanner-based laser process speeds up the cutting operation while simultaneously improving the quality like never before. The LPKF StencilPro system software, which is also brand new, makes it easy to prepare the process data from the CAD files from development.

Laser systems are currently the preferred means for depaneling printed circuit boards. The smallest cutting channels, any contours, precise and clean-cut edges – laser technology offers what no other technology can.

The CuttingMaster Cx will be presented at productronica with a new “cobot,” a robotic arm that performs the tasks of assembly and unloading in the system – an inexpensive automation solution with a small footprint.

Laser plastic welding is used for the reliable and visually appealing placement of electronic components in housings. The compact InlineWeld 6000 system can be integrated into production lines and can easily be incorporated into existing MES solutions.

In addition to the presented systems, specialists for the different application areas will also be at the booth with representative exhibits – giving visitors a good opportunity to discuss their own application ideas with them. Those who are interested in high-quality production services will also find what they’re looking for. Sophisticated products are manufactured to order using LPKF technology under the LaserMicronics brand name. Representatives from LaserMicronics will also be on hand to answer questions.

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