Robust high-precision gears for heavy-duty applications

December 2023

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Robust high-precision gears for heavy-duty applications
Nabtesco cycloidal gears feature utmost precision, dynamics and dependability, to assure reliable pin-point positioning even in the most demanding applications. Ideal for positioning tasks with high torques and heavy loads.

The positioning and handling of heavy loads and large parts places high demands on gear solutions. Specially designed for precision heavy-duty applications, Nabtesco offers high-performance cycloidal gears that guarantee precisely executed motions even under extreme conditions. The robust, precise and compact gear systems have proven themselves in diverse industries worldwide as a real alternative to hydraulic systems and large planetary gears.

Cycloidal gears: An ideal solution for high torques and heavy loads
Cycloidal gears use cams and rollers for power transmission. This ensures high efficiency, durability and minimal backlash throughout the entire service life (max. hysteresis loss between 0.5 and 1 arcmin). The gears are designed with a high overload capacity and extreme rigidity, and are insensitive to vibrations. Integrated angular ball bearings absorb both axial and radial loads and bending moments, and provide for high resistance to impacts and overloading (up to 500 % of the rated torque).

Neco®HT-900: Modular concept for powerful precision
The Neco®HT-900 features a rated torque of 9,000 Nm, as well as acceleration and braking moments of 22,500 Nm, which makes it the world’s largest plug-and-play precision gear. Whether for robot peripherals, welding positioners, indexing, positioning or rotating applications: The Neco®HT-900 positions heavy loads with high precision. As part of the Neco® series, the robust high-torque gears combine excellent performance and efficiency with maximum user-friendliness. A unique aspect of the new series is the high level of modularity and standardisation in the area of large precision gears. This guarantees not only faster assembly and maximum flexibility with respect to the motor connection, but also economical series production and high availability with shorter delivery times.

RV-2800N: Easily positions even the heaviest of loads
With a torque rating of 28,000 Nm, the RV-2800N is currently the largest and most robust precision gearbox in the world. The long-wearing solid shaft robot gears feature an optimal combination of performance, torsional rigidity and compactness, which opens up entirely new applications for robots that in the past were possible only with hydraulic or spindle solutions. The superlative gear owes its compact design to the main bearing with an integrated inner race: Reinforcement of the eccentric shaft bearing achieves exceptional power density. Applications for the RV-2800N include robotics, automotive construction, the glass industry, shipbuilding, mining, oil rigs and cranes.

RS-900A: A high-performance alternative to rotary indexers
For rotational positioning, the RS-900A from Nabtesco offers a high-performance alternative to rotary indexers. The robust hollow shaft precision gears are designed for axial loads up to 9 t and feature a compact design, as well as high positioning accuracy. In combination with a servo motor, they can be used to implement freely programmable and highly flexible positioning units, which can readily be adapted to changing requirements in handling and assembly applications. The cast iron base is easy to mount on the floor and provides for high stability. The hollow middle axis allows the feedthrough of supply lines, cables and drive shafts, while simultaneously improving the load-bearing capacity. The motor is mounted at a right angle for ease of access.

Custom tailored heavy-duty gears
Wherever positioning of heavy loads with pin-point accuracy is required, the robust and compact heavyweights from Nabtesco cut a fine figure and perform the task with ease. In close cooperation with the customer, Nabtesco develops and manufactures gear solutions that are custom tailored to the particular application.

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