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Motorex: 100 years of success based around the green barrel

Customised products, approachability, and innovative capacity: The long-established Bucher AG Langenthal celebrates its 100th anniversary in June. The lubricant manufacturer with the green barrel has had an eventful history – one that has always been focused around meeting customers’ requirements.

As the largest independent clean-oil refinery in Switzerland, Motorex develops and produces innovative lubricants and technical chemicals. The internationally operating family business with locations in Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, and Poland is active in a wide range of industries, from agriculture through construction to motorsports. Motorex products are constantly being enhanced and tailored to meet special requirements – right down to those of the smallest customer. Together with outstanding quality products and a comprehensive range of services, the SME’s ability to occupy know-how-intensive market niches has proved key to ensuring success on the international market, despite facing stiff competition. Or, as the founding family Regenass-Bucher likes to put it: “The family firm gives the multinationals a run for their money.”

Rex becomes Motorex

The start was modest enough, however. On December 3, 1917, the company was established under the name of “Rex”, specializing in the manufacture of leather and floor-care products. The owners, with cofounder Arnold Bucher among them, drove the company’s growth with great skill, adding motor oils to the range in 1947. A milestone in the company’s history that saw Rex become Motorex. The company went on to focus on highly promising lubricants and care products, continuously expanding its range.

Today, Motorex boasts the biggest storage tank capacity in Switzerland. The company is able to store up to eight million liters of oil, allowing it to provide lubrication solutions for any application, from wheels, to motors, to watches. Motorex is everywhere, and has become our constant companion.

The long-term challenges of quality and s ustainability

Today, Motorex is the largest lubricant manufacturer in Switzerland, employing over 350 highly qualified people, and distributes its products in over 80 countries. The brand’s worldwide success has been achieved and consolidated thanks to targeted research, remarkable innovative capacity, and a typically Swiss penchant for perfection. The company boasts various ISO certificates and aims to achieve systematic quality management across all process stages – placing the requirements of customers at the center, as always. “We pursue quality and leadership in our products with unswerving continuity, and attach great importance to constantly improving our customer service,” says Motorex CEO Edi Fischer. “This maxim is of course also reflected in the laboratory in Langenthal, which recently benefited from extensive renovation work. In addition, we are currently adding new production and administration buildings at our headquarters. With first-class Swiss-made products in Langenthal, Motorex is ready for the future.”

“Given the nature of our business, it goes without saying that the scarcity of fossil fuels is an issue for us.” It is of vital importance to the company in general to operate sustainably and have as little impact as possible on the environment: “Motorex takes responsibility for constantly optimising safety, health, and environmental protection, without being required to do so by laws and regulations.”

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT 2017, Genève, Stand C97

80 Years of Blaser Swisslube

“Serving comes before earning” – This is the customer-focused corporate value under which the Swiss lubricant manufacturer Blaser Swisslube is celebrating its 80th company anniversary.

Schweiz / Hasle-Ruegsau Neue Laborräumlichkeiten. © Meinrad Schade / Blaser Swisslube AG

It all started back in 1936 with “Blaha-Glanz” – a shoe polish. Since then, the company has grown from a small regional business into a global player. In the company’s own Technology Centre, the focus is squarely on research and development. This focus has resulted in a breakthrough being achieved in a current civil aviation project.

The first successful product produced by the former Blaser+Co. AG was Blaha-Glanz, a water-repellent shoe polish that was sold on the surrounding farms. Willy Blaser laid the foundation for today’s company group in the crisis year 1936. As a 20-year-old who had been unable to find work in the painting trade he had trained in, he founded a one-man company in his parent’s house in Hasle-Rüegsau where he produced lubricants and chemical-technical products especially for agriculture. Perseverance was the order of the day due to the shortage of raw materials during the war years.

The real upturn in the company’s fortunes began after the war when the customer base expanded to include besides farmers, mechanical workshops, the construction industry, the wood and metal processing industries and the first industrial factories. “With the same pioneering spirit that was present when the company was founded, tireless work was done to continue to expand the company, to increase and modernise the manufacturing facilities, as well as to increase the level of research and development,” explains the grandson and current Managing Director, Marc Blaser.

Step-by-step to becoming a global player
Fast forward to 1974 when Peter Blaser, (Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2010), picked up the baton to become the second generation of the Blaser family to manage the company. As a trained mechanical engineer, he introduced and added metal processing in the company’s repertoire as well as establishing and expanding the sales network in Europe and further afield. Owing to the international orientation and ambitions of the company, the corporate name was also changed to Blaser Swisslube during this time. In 1981, Blaser Swisslube Inc. was founded in Goshen, New York. In 1995 and 1996, subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic and Japan followed. Today, Blaser has its own subsidiaries and agents close to its customers in around 60 countries across the globe and employs a total of 600 employees – 300 of whom are employed in Switzerland.

From metalworking fluid to Liquid Tool
The company continued unabated to develop its expertise in all things to do with metalworking fluids. This involved expanding and refining its research and development facilities to what, today, are the largest of its kind in the industry. With a surface area of around 3,500 m2, 70 chemists, microbiologists and laboratory technicians work on designing and developing coolants of the highest quality and, adopting true continuous improvement principles, analyse metalworking fluid samples from customers around the world.
In order to be able to offer customers an effective added value when it comes to machining, the company inaugurated its very own Technology Centre in 2009. Marc Blaser: “Our Technology Centre is truly state-of-the-art and enables us to carry out stringent tests on new metalworking products and system solutions. It also ensures that we are able to work in partnership with customers helping them improve their productivity, economic efficiencies and machining quality by identifying and developing metalworking fluid solutions that are tailored exactly to their needs, which we call a Liquid Tool”.

“The ability to work collaboratively and consultatively with customers is a key strength of ours, and the continued investment in our research and development facilities provides us with distinct technical (and competitive) advantages.”

Doubling of the tool life
In a recent project, Blaser experts in the Technology Centre impressively optimised the tool life. A renowned partner filled the role of international supplier and manufactured aircraft parts from a high-strength titanium alloy. In the ultra-modern Technology Centre in Hasle-Rüegsau, a range of tests were started with the goal of optimising the tool life during pocket machining.

The specialists at Blaser reconstructed the partner’s machining environment and employed the same machining parameters and data using a DMG Mori DMU 65 mono block machining centre, and began comprehensive tests employing trochoidal milling strategies.
The tests compared machining performance (specifically tool wear) when using a conventional metalworking fluid against an optimal metalworking fluid specifically adapted to the partner’s needs.
The series of width of wear tests were conducted up to 0.30 mm.

The results were excellent. Using the optimally adapted coolant from Blaser Swisslube, 11 instead of just five pockets could be milled until the wear on the tool forced the processing to be stopped. The result achieved was confirmed in various series of tests, and corresponds to a doubling of the tool life.

Warm / Hot Forming Lubricants Improve your heading process!

Among a wide range of lubricants dedicated to the requirements of Cold Heading Machinery, CONDAT will present on Fastener Fair Italy show new solutions to provide high duty lubrication with optimum safety and budget.

2EXTRUGLISS cold heading oils_CONDAT

The weight reduction in automotive and aeronautic markets have pushed the fastening industry to use new materials. Titanium, Inconel, stainless and high strength steel are now commonly used but their forming properties are weak. To reach high productivity, it is necessary to warm the wire before the heading process from 250°C up to 900°C.
For technical parts, with forming ratio higher than 70% and massive parts with wire diameter bigger than 20 mm, the internal temperature can easily reach 250°C due to significant material flow. In both cases, the lubricants must be designed to work at very high temperature. From 250°C to 900°C,  Condat offers solutions to improve your process:
•    For Temperature until 250°C
Extrugliss Warm Green oils avoid degreasing issues due to sticky and burned residues which occurred at such temperature. This range, based on renewable chemistry, can be used also for lubrication of your press.
•    For preheated wire until 500°C
Extrudex warm forming lubricants benefit from high thermal stability which enhance lubricity performances. Friendly for operators and safe for the workshop environment as they reduce smokes and mist.
•    For preheated wire until 900°C
Extrudex hot forming oils are specifically designed for aerospace market to work on titanium and nickel alloys. They allow a homogeneous coating on the parts for optimum surface finish and no deposits on dies and punch. These safe lubricants present a very high flash point to reduce the risk of fire.
•    For lubrication of the cold forming machinery
Gliss Warm Green lubricants are specifically formulated to reduce cross contamination issues and keep the long term performances of Condat’s heading oils. Available now from 68 to 220 cst viscosity.

Cold heading oils: Innovative solutions for your process

Among a wide range of lubricants dedicated to the requirements of Cold Heading Machinery, Condat will present at the Fastener Fair in Stuttgart, new solutions to provide high duty lubrication with optimum safety.

Extrugliss-technology, phosphate-free-solution
Extrugliss-technology, phosphate-free-solution

For cold heading and warm heading operations, Condat has developed a complete offer adapted to each step of the transformation process for steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and special alloys, including surface treatment, soaps for skin-pass and cold heading oils.
At Fastener Fair Stuttgart, Condat will present 2 innovative solutions that improve overall performance and costs (consumptions, oil change frequency reduced, tool wear…) thanks to product complementarity and compatibility.

EXTRUGLISS TECHNOLOGY : phosphate free solution
Condat has developed a solution for a simple, efficient and more environmentally friendly surface treatment: Extrugliss ST. The mineral salts and organic-polymers of Extrugliss ST crystallize quickly on the wire creating optimal coverage. The deposit weight and crystallization ensure better adherence and an excellent distribution of the lubricant during the wiredrawing (Skin-pass) and cold forming operations. Extrugliss ST also presents fewer disadvantages than a phosphate treatment. Easy to handle and without usage of products classified as toxic2, Extrugliss ST also allows a reduction in the treatment and recycling of effluents.
Condat’s Extrugliss Technology concept associates Extrugliss ST surface treatment, Extrugliss WD skin-pass soaps and Extrugliss extrusion oils to ensure optimum performances and at least the same tool life as phosphate solutions.

EXTRUGLISS GREEN: new vegetal based cold heading oil
Thanks to the high level of lubricity of vegetal base oil (3 times more efficient than standard mineral base oils), Extrugliss Green enables to manufacture very difficult parts while improving the tools life. Due to its high performance, this oil increases the OEE (efficiency of your machine) and can reduce your tooling budget.
With a viscosity index higher than usual extrusion oils, the lubricant film is more stable at high temperature and allows replacing higher viscosity extrusion oils. The high flash point of Extrugliss Green ensures lower mist and smokes, giving operators a friendly working environment.
And above all, Extrugliss Green is a dual-purpose oil: it provides both superior lubrication characteristics to your machinery, as well as outstanding lubrication for your cold heading process.

Discover Condat innovations at the Fastener Stuttgart 2015 exhibition, Hall 8 X54.

Refill it! Motorex Mini Sprays

Spray like the big boys: Take compact, refillable Mini Sprays with you and use them anywhere – The perfect addition to the Motorex spray range.

Create your own practical Mini Sprays in just a few steps: 1. Take an empty can from the Motorex Mini Spray package. 2.Choose the product you want and apply the appropriate label to the Mini Spray. 3. Remove the lids and spray nozzles. 4. Shake the large original spray can. 5. Place the empty Mini Spray on a firm, level surface and fill it for 30 seconds. 6.Attach the spray nozzle and lid and you’re done!
Create your own practical Mini Sprays in just a few steps: 1. Take an empty can from the Motorex Mini Spray package. 2.Choose the product you want and apply the appropriate label to the Mini Spray. 3. Remove the lids and spray nozzles. 4. Shake the large original spray can. 5. Place the empty Mini Spray on a firm, level surface and fill it for 30 seconds. 6. Attach the spray nozzle and lid and you’re done!

Motorex developed its versatile Hi-Tech sprays for daily professional use. If you just need a little, but it has to be handy at all times, the new Mini Sprays are just the thing.

Motorex refill system
The idea for Mini Sprays, which can be refilled as often as users want, stems from the fact that large (500 ml) spray cans are not always convenient to use. Each Mini Spray kit consists of three empty 50-ml spray cans. Each can has a base label, and the package contains a sheet of self-adhesive labels for the most commonly used sprays from the Hi-Tech range.

Now any user can put together a personalized set of the sprays they use most often. Just choose the right label from the sheet and apply it to the space intended for it on the Mini Spray. The refillable MINIS are filled straight from the large standard spray can, which functions as a dispenser. Just place the empty Mini Spray on a firm, level surface, remove the spray nozzles from both cans, shake the dispenser and fill the small spray.

Always at hand
Many users told Motorex how inconvenient it can be to carry a large spray can while assembling equipment or working in cramped spaces. The company responded by introducing a REFILL SYSTEM for its nine most popular Hi-Tech sprays.

100 % Swiss made by Motorex
All Motorex sprays are developed in Langenthal, tested in professional real-world practice and then produced at our own production facilities. This approach enables Motorex to offer the right spray for every application.

Try refillable Mini Sprays now!Motorex_Refill_System_01 copie

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Opera Perfetta – just perfect!

Swiss company TS Décolletage SA has its headquarters in Bedano in the canton of Ticino and specialises in special turned parts (TS = Torniture Speciali). It is an SME that has carved itself out a reputation for excellence. Making the absolutely impossible possible is the motto by which the two company owners, Cifà and Pedretti, run their business.
And the only way this is possible is in partnership with companies who really deliver, such as Tornos and Motorex. Once again, the kind of machining fluid used is crucial to production results, as the success story with Ortho NF-X 15 (manufactured in the Sottoceneri area of Switzerland) goes to show.

High precision turning in Ticino
Specialist bar-turning companies are relatively thin on the ground in Ticino, despite the presence in Switzerland’s southernmost canton of a number of production facilities belonging to manufacturers of international renown representing a wide range of technology sectors. TS Décolletage SA has therefore been able to establish working relationships with well-known customers from the medical and dental industries, the electronics industry and the aerospace industry, as well as other industries such as the micromotor-construction industry.

“Perfetto” with Motorex Ortho NF-X
After their experiences with products from other lubricant suppliers, the value of using the optimal machining fluid really hit home with the company’s owners. At first glance, one type of cutting oil may appear to be very much the same as another, but it is when they are used for demanding applications that the differences really start to show in terms of the dimensional accuracy, finish (average peak-to-valley height), tool life and part-machining time that can be achieved. It was at this point that the universal high-performance cutting oil Ortho NF-X from Motorex revealed its intrinsic qualities, demonstrating a significant reduction in the time it took to machine the part intended for use in the medical industry mentioned above – an unbelievable 31% when put to the test!

Pays off from every aspect
It goes without saying that this feat was achieved whilst still complying with the strict tolerances and required finish. With Swisscut Ortho NF-X machining fluid, which is free from chlorine and heavy metals, Motorex has, using this very same cutting oil, succeeded in perfectly machining high-alloy steel grades or implant steels, as well as non-ferrous heavy metals and aluminium. This is an absolute first in modern manufacturing technology, and ensures a maximum of latitude for the user. It allows the machining fluid to be used throughout the whole company without restrictions, for all machines and machining processes. This is also extremely beneficial from a logistical point of view, and means that it certainly pays off from a financial point of view.

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You can download the full article in French/English/German here.


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Micro lubrication: the potential to save up to 95% on running costs

The growing number of regulations and measures for environmental protection, disposal, operational safety and the conversion to alternative sources of energy are constantly pushing up investment and production costs.

Cavity milling with HSC-technology, 2-nozzles Unilube MicroLubricationSystem.
Cavity milling with HSC-technology, 2-nozzles Unilube MicroLubrication System.

With this trend continuing unabated, companies are urged to make use of highly efficient production methods that save resources. For over 24 years, the Unilube Micro Lubrication Technology has been world class, with typical annual consumption of 3 litres. The Ecolub Micro Lubrication Systems enable the application of a high-precision and micro-thin protective film for considerably higher levels of productivity and purity compared to conventional flood cooling.

To save costs
Research has shown that the use of Micro Lubrication Technology can save between 90 and 95% of the incidental running costs generated by the use, processing, cleaning and disposal of cooling lubricants, as well as avoiding any associated health problems. Thanks to the Unilube quasi-dry processing, the workplace remains absolutely clean, tool wear and energy requirements are considerably reduced by the drastically decreased friction, and the dry chips become valuable raw materials – instead of special waste. Production processes that make use of the Ecolube Micro Lubrication Systems are therefore highly profitable, enabling the investment made in Unilube Cleantech to be amortised within a few months.


  • Minimum investment and extremely fast amortization
  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease in operating costs
  • Higher cutting speeds and feeds
  • Extended tool life
  • No expenditure for cleaning and disposal
  • Profitable recycling of dry chips
  • Clean, mist-free environment
  • Clean and healty workplace


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