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DeburringEXPO to be incorporated into new trade fair, PARTS FINISHING, taking place at a later date

May 2024

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DeburringEXPO to be incorporated into new trade fair, PARTS FINISHING, taking place at a later date
Never before has the industry changed as rapidly as it is doing today. This fact also affects the requirements made on trade fairs.

DeburringEXPO will therefore no longer take place as an independent event, but will be incorporated into the new trade fair called PARTS FINISHING, taking place for the first time next year on 12 and 13 November 2025. The new two-day event will combine the subjects of deburring technologies, component cleaning and surface finishing and will be held at the exhibition centre of Karlsruhe.

Megatrends such as the mobility and energy transition, demographic changes and digitalisation pose new challenges for the economy and society, but also present opportunities. They demand new products and adapted manufacturing strategies of the manufacturers and companies far down the supply chain. These changes are not failing to have an effect on the trade fair landscape. “After numerous discussions with companies that exhibited at DeburringEXPO and having closely observed the development of various trade fairs, we have reached the decision no longer to hold the trade fair for deburring technologies as an independent event”, explains Hartmut Herdin, managing director of the private trade fair organiser fairXperts GmbH & Co. KG. “In future, the subject of deburring technologies will be combined together with the fields of component cleaning and surface finishing at the new two-day trade fair PARTS FINISHING.” The area of surface finishing will include the process steps of fine and ultra-fine grinding, polishing, honing, lapping, vibratory grinding, blasting and brushing.

Date of PARTS FINISHING trade fair altered
The market has reacted very favourably to this innovative concept, and the experienced trade fair organiser has already received bookings from well-known and less well-known plant manufacturers. “Our discussions also showed that many interested companies have already drawn up their plans and budgets for trade fairs this year. We therefore decided to postpone the launch of PARTS FINISHING by one year and carry it out on the Karlsruhe exhibition grounds on 12 and 13 November 2025”, elucidates Hartmut Herdin. The event will subseqently contiinue to take place in uneven years at two-year intervals.

Effective cost-benefit ratio
By bringing together these three important and quality-critical areas of parts production over a two-day period, the organiser is fulfilling the requirements and wishes of the market. “More and more companies are questioning the cost-benefit ratio of exhibiting at a traditional trade fair”, says Hartmut Herdin. “In order to present machines, for example, at a stand, a great deal of stand space is required, which incurs a lot of expense. These days, however, there are also very good ways to present efficient performance and expertise digitally.” These aspects were taken into account in the trade fair concept for PARTS FINISHING. Firstly, the concept makes it possible for people who are responsible for parts production to obtain concise information about solutions, and it facilitates a dialogue between users and exhibitors in the cross-process development of solutions for special applications. Secondly, the length of the trade fair being reduced to two days means less costs incurred for journeys, accommodation and staff. “This aspect is facilitated by high-quality, turn-key, customisable stand packages that are available at fixed costs and save time, money and resources right from the early stages of preparing the trade fair,” adds the trade fair organiser.

The PARTS FINISHING concept thus concentrates on the very purpose of trade fairs: to help establish and maintain contacts between users and offerors and build and intensify networks among exhibitors. “The latter makes it possible to form strategic partnerships and to jointly approach new projects as a systems supplier”, remarks Hartmut Herdin.

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