HAIMER at AMB and IMTS 2022: Precision around the machine tool meets digitization

August 2022

Based on the motto "Precision Engineering meets Digitization", the HAIMER Group will demonstrate at AMB 2022 in Stuttgart (Hall 1, Booth F50) and at IMTS 2022 in Chicago (West Hall, Booth #431510) how modern tool management works: with high-quality, process-reliable components, with continuous digitization for fully automated tool presetting and secure transmission of digital tool data all the way to the machine tool.

The HAIMER Group, world market leader for tool shrinking and balancing technology, is an established system provider for complete tool management solutions. The basis is the high-quality product range, which extends from a wide variety of tool holders, shrinking and balancing technology, tool presetting devices to carbide end mills and 3D-sensors. For HAIMER, the future of tool management lies in continuous digitization and automation. Accordingly, the company has consistently designed its devices to be Industry 4.0-ready in order to support the design of automation cells as well as complete tool room solutions.

As an example, HAIMER will show an advanced version of its Automation Cube at AMB and IMTS 2022, which can be used to automatically shrink and preset cutting tools. A cobot will perform the handling tasks thus supporting the shrinking and unshrinking process as well as the measuring process of tools with a highly accurate length repeatability. The cell is scalable according to customer requirements. This means that various elements from the extensive HAIMER shrinking, presetting and balancing technology program can be integrated into the Automation Cube. A scanner for reading out unique tool combinations and a conveyor belt of variable lengths are also available.

At AMB 2022, HAIMER will present an advanced version of its Automation Cube, which allows automated shrinking and presetting of cutting tools. The handling tasks are performed by a cobot that supports the shrinking and unshrinking process as well as the measuring process of tools with highly accurate length repeatability.

The Automation Cube is controlled by the HAIMER DAC (Data Analyzer and Controller). HAIMER uses this digital tool management system for its own tool room solutions. The system enables a simple and continuous exchange of tool data between the individual tool room stations or devices and the company network.

A key component in this new solution is the identification of HAIMER tool holders either through integrated RFID data chips or through QR or Data Matrix codes (which can be read and analyzed by various systems via a scanner). This enables a unique identification of the complete tool. The user controls the entire process only by clicking and confirming or by transferring values. As no manual input is required or possible, there is also no risk of false input and thus no risk of collisions.

On display for the first time at a show is the new stand-alone HRFID readout terminal from HAIMER Microset. This terminal allows reading and displaying the tool data stored on a RFID chip, such as the length and diameter as well as the remaining tool life of the complete tool. Moreover, it helps to identify easily which components can still be machined with the tool. The Microset data terminal is particularly suitable for retrofitting existing machine tools in a simple and cost-effective way. An interface to the machine control enables a direct data transfer.

The terminals are also optimally placed next to machines that are already equipped with RFID reader units. For example, the terminal could function as a simple readout terminal and be placed next to a tool cart close to the machine so that the digital data sheet can be accessed at any time.

RFID reading terminals can also increase capacity in the tool room, meaning high-quality presetting machines are not occupied by reading out RFID data chips. With the HRIFD the available data is clearly shown on a separate screen, so that it is immediately apparent whether a tool has reached its tool life and needs to be replaced.

New tool holders - for grinding wheels
In addition to all the future-oriented "digital" developments, HAIMER will also present numerous innovations and improvements of the standard portfolio at its 350 square meter booth in Stuttgart and 560 square meter booth in Chicago. The innovations include extra-slim shrink fit chucks and Mini Shrinks with SK40 and SK50 interfaces, as well as steep taper tool holders with face contact, which offer greater stability due to additional support on the flange.

Another highlight in the product portfolio is the extensive range of grinding wheel arbors for the popular high-precision multitasking machines, which incorporate not only milling and turning but also grinding technology. These arbors are available as monoblock or modular versions with one or four clamping screws. A corresponding offer is also available for HSK-A100- and PSC63 versions with the option of an efficient cooling solution. Additionally, HAIMER delivers special grinding wheel arbors according to customer requirements for clamping diameters 56 mm to 280 mm and also offers efficient cooling solutions for the grinding wheels.

How does the HAIMER Automation Cube work?
If the HAIMER Automation Cube is equipped with a shrinking and presetting device, as well as with a cobot, the following process can be realized: The operator places a completely assembled used tool (consistent of tool holder and end mill) on the conveyor belt and provides an additional new end mill. The cobot will collect the completely assembled used tool and identifies it via a RFID data chip or a unique data matrix code. Afterwards the cobot will collect the new end mill and will measure its tool tip as well as stick-out length. At the same time the coil will move onto the completely assembled used tool, will shrink out the used end mill and shrink in the new end mill based on the measured stick-out length. After the newly assembled tool is cooled down by the air cooler, it will be measured (e.g. lengths and diameter) on the HAIMER Microset UNO automatic drive presetter. After that, the new tool is ready to be used and the old tool can be disposed.

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