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Luxinar launches OEM 100iX for increased CO2 laser processing power

May 2021

Leading laser manufacturer Luxinar has launched the OEM 100iX sealed CO2 laser source for industrial processing applications. With a power range of 50-1000W and a wavelength of 10.6m, the new OEM 100iX from Luxinar is an extension to the company’s OEM series using the same proven RF-excited slab laser design.

The laser source provides higher speeds and increased productivity for processes such as high volume cutting, kiss cutting, scoring, multi-ply cutting and die board cutting for the packaging, automotive and textile industries. A combination of a narrow wavelength band (0.25m) and typical power stability (± 3%) delivers high process repeatability.

This 1kW laser functions over a wide range of pulse widths and frequencies, including safe operation through the acoustic regions, and over a broad range of coolant temperatures. It can be sited in confined spaces in any orientation and has an integrated RF power supply that is both detachable and fully serviceable in the field. With its IP66 fully sealed beam delivery and RF power supply, the OEM 100iX is ideally suited to the harshest of industrial environments.

Yannick Galais, General Sales Manager at Luxinar explains: “We are excited to offer this enhancement to our laser source portfolio. The OEM 100iX provides a compact solution that can be easily integrated into industrial production lines, on robotic arms, and it is recommended for processing a variety of materials including textiles, paper, glass, wood, sheet steel/aluminium, plastics and composite materials. A web-based remote diagnostic tool for fault finding and process optimisation is available enabling compatibility with Industry 4.0. This tool allows our customers to monitor the health of the laser, plan preventive maintenance and increase productivity.”

In common with the rest of the OEM series, the OEM 100iX offers simple integration, clean and high-quality laser processing, low running and maintenance costs, and more than 20% power headroom to give extended lifetime and increased reliability. 

About Luxinar
At Luxinar, we have a singular focus: developing laser technology to enhance our world.

Like a laser that channels light into a single, powerful beam, we focus on improving the lives of our customers. This allows us to create solutions to meet every single challenge – from heavy industry to delicate, high precision applications. We support the laser technologies of yesterday, focus on today’s and pioneer those of tomorrow.

Luxinar has been at the forefront of laser technology for over 20 years and is a leading manufacturer of sealed carbon dioxide (CO2) laser sources up to 1000W and, more recently, femtosecond laser sources. To date, we have an installed base of over 18000 lasers worldwide in industrial applications environments.

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