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AFDT, Switzerland: Expected upheavals in bar turning

CPLN-UMC, Switzerland: Industry 4.0 for vocational training

RF CNC Services, Switzerland – Successful skills networking

Faji, Switzerland – Cartesian spirits under severe strain

Iemca, Italy – Iemca open houses 2017

Polydec, Switzerland – Bienne, city of watchmaking… and cars

RédaTech, Switzerland – Destructured information for more targeted dissemination

Favre-Steudler, Switzerland – Springs are everywhere

Anton Meyer, Switzerland – Diamond technology since 1961

BroTec, Switzerland – High precision grinding

Polyservice, Switzerland – A half century of service to the high precision finishing

Kasto, Germany – The right choice of saw for every cut

Trade shows – Trade shows still remain popular


maxon motor, Switzerland – maxon motor group revenues break….

mAm2017, Switzerland – The Microproducts Annual Meeting…

Axiome, France – Robotic deburring machines of high-performance

OGP, Switzerland – Jubilee and new opportunities

STS Industrie, Switzerland – Know-how, reliability and comprehensive service…

Spetec, Germany – Spetec Cleanroom Technology

Eichenberger Gewinde , Switzerland- Forwards with healthy innovative power

Ciposa, Switzerland – One of the inventors of the mouse…

Bepog, Switzerland – Trade Fairs? That’s cool!

Désintégr’Arc, France – Extracting broken tools in record time

Elefil, France – A French subcontractor for high-end horology

RoboJob, Belgium – RoboJob makes successful entry into France

Capricorn automation, Switzerland – Clever automation helper

Asyril, Switzerland – RNA and Asyril announce strategic partnership

Lécureux, Switzerland – A successful handover

Laubscher, Switzerland – 170 years dedicated to precision

Eichenberger, Switzerland – Continued development for sliding door

LNS, Switzerland – LNS Group pushes Fox air filtration line…

Rimann, Switzerland – Rimann invests in a new office complex

Ventura, Switzerland – Rejuvenating machines

L. Klein, Switzerland – A family business that plays in the big league

Wandfluh, Switzerland – Wandfluh in China

Festo, Switzerland – Festo takes over Eichenberger Group

tooling 2015 copie

RédaTech, Switzerland – A jubilee and many projects

Liechti Engineering, Switzerland – Liechti Engineering celebrates its 150th anniversary

BIG Kaiser, Switzerland – BIG Kaiser announces fastest air turbine spindle

mps Décolletage, Switzerland – A strong long-terme vision

Eichenberger Gewinde, Switzerland – When spindle, nut, ball and lubrification complement each other

Frein CNC Service, Switzerland – Machine revision, a source of improvement

Ginova, Switzerland – Compact device for ultrasonic…

Newemag, Switzerland – The services are essential for the sales

Suvema, Switzerland – Automation as a response…

maxon motors, Switzerland – maxon motors increases revenues…

Seuret, Switzerland – Came type machines recover their prestige

#bepog, Switzerland – Promoting the technical trades? With #bepog!

Flury Tools – Switzerland – Grinding in all its forms with maximum precision

Tox Pressotechnik, Germany – Clinch solutions in sensor technology

Concept Ultrasons, Switzerland – Precision cleaning

Auchlin, Switzerland – The art of polishing

Zimmerli, Switzerland – Promotion of its skills

Seuret, Switzerland – Showcase of an impressive know-how

Swissmechanic, Switzerland – A brand new center for dual training

PX Tools, Switzerland – Innovative sales tool

Ventura, Switzerland – New lease of life for machines

Newemag, Switzerland – 5-axis machines to the service of jewellery

DMG, Europe – New innovative technology centre in Switzerland


Ceramdis, Switzerland – What if we changed our mind about technical ceramics?

CPAutomation, Switzerland – Standard and custom micro-machines

Dixi Polytool, Switzerland – Very positive dynamics

Happa Elektronik, Switzerland – The only limit? Imagination

Unimec, Switzerland – A manufacture to the service of microtechnology

Springmann, Switzerland – The skills to the service of the MEM

Clip Industrie, Switzerland – Outstanding reactivity

Obal, Switzerland – From China to Europe

Qualimatest, Switzerland – The sensitivity of man, the rigour of the machine

Ginova, Switzerland – Provider of solutions to complex problems

L. Klein, Bienne – Loyalty and innovation

Intertech, Switzerland- When service makes the difference

Schall Messen, Germany – The importance of trade-shows in the marketing mix

R. Frein CNC Service, Switzerland – It is not always easy to invest

Ventura Mecanics, Switzerland – More efficient for its customers

Seuret, Switzerland – Cam operated machines as of day one

Newemag, Switzerland – New premises, new representation


Mediactif, Switzerland (Siams) – Satisfaction surveys: the seven deadly sins

Centagora, Switzerland – Dual-competence in the service of watch making

Eichenberger Gewinde, Switzerland – A ball screw for every situation

Pierhor, Switzerland – Microns hunter since 1899

Schaublin Machines, Switzerland – A generic name in India

Clip Industrie, Switzerland – “We don’t have time to be complicated”

Obal, Switzerland – Outsourcing in Eastern Europe: a success story


Ehn & Land, Switzerland – The missing link

Recomatic, Switzerland – Twice as much experience

DOPG Consulting, Switzerland – Team building at sea…

Schall Messen, Germany – Germany’s most successful private trade fair organiser / Control 2013

Obal, Switzerland – Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

Bicrom, Switzerland – Black and white chromium plating…

Zimmerli, Switzerland – Leading industry solutions

Laboratoire Dubois, Switzerland – Technology intelligence as competitive advantage

Ventura, Switzerland – To extend the life of machines

R. Frein CNC service, Switzerland – Service and overhaul for ENC and Deco

Cloos, Switzerland – From concept to industrialisation

Zimmerli, Switzerland – Demonstration days not to be missed

Schaublin Machines, Switzerland – New building


Auchlin, Switzerland – Alchemist of polishing

Zimmerli, Switzerland – Demonstration days not to be missed

RD Machines, France – To sell a first machine is easy

Mecatis, Switzerland – Engineering resources at your disposal

Lecureux, Switzerland – 50 years close to its customers

Dop Gestion, Switzerland – To promote versatility

Liechti, Switzerland – The “micronmaker”

Newemag, Switzerland – Open house 2011

R+W, Germany – Always close to customers

Schneider mc, Switzerland – 20 years successfully on the swiss market


Clip Industrie, Switzerland – Production management

RedaTech, Switzerland – Taking a product to its users

Bluesped, Switzerland – Tips for your goods

Osec, Switzerland – The easy way to tap into new markets

Tectri, Switzerland (Newemag) – A little better every day…

R. Frein CNC services, Switzerland – A standard replacement for an ENC spindle in 24 hours?

Humard Automation, Switzerland – When reliability leads the company

André Gueissaz, Switzerland – Increased capacity…

Skills sharing, France – Presentation and brochure (French only for the brochure)

Micronarc, Switzerland – Serving industry!

Busch, Switzerland – Two awards just won!


Bluesped, Switzerland – Pure value added…

Micronarc, Switzerland – Promotion of the micro and nano region

Industry Party, Switzerland – The industrial world is on the move

André Guissaz, Switzerland – When plastic meets metal

Recomatic-Bula, Switzerland – A wide product range for grinding and polishing

Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – New business card

Swiss Precision Cluster, Switzerland – Precision and microtechnology

Microdeco, Spain – Success? A mindset!

Robotec, Switzerland – Expansion towards the French speaking part of Switzerland

Studer and Combitec, Switzerland – Studer and Combitec merge their competences

Medical Cluster, Switzerland – Switzerland – a hot spot for medical technology


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