Trade shows


Control 2018, Germany – World-class Quality Assurance now in six exhibition halls

Technopolis 2018, Switzerland – Exposition des professionnels de l’industrie suisse de précision

Compamed 2017, Germany: medical technology is the most important market for micro systems

parts2clean 2017, Germany: providing the key to reliable, efficient component cleanliness

Fakuma 2017, Germany: the world of plastics celebrates the 25th anniversary of Fakuma

Midest 2018, France – Acquisition of the Midest trade show by GL Events

Micronora 2018, France – Microtechnology, ubiquitous solutions

Motek/Bondexpo, Germany – Towards to set new records?

Swiss Medtech 2017, Switzerland – Swiss Medtech expo makes innovations visible

EMO Hannover 2017 once again a trend forum for production technology

Micronora 2018, France – Next Micronora trade fair, from 25 to 28 september 2018

SIAMS, Switzerland – Four development axis

Motek 2017, Germany – Practice pool for automation in production and assembly

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT 2017, Switzerland – A promising 16th edition

Espace Laser, France – European trade fair for laser processing…

Control 2017, Germany – Control 2017 announces record-breaking participation and floor space growth

Moulding Expo 2017, Germany – Experience additive manufacturing

Intermeditech 2017, France – French professional event for suppliers and manufacturers of medical devices industry

Hannovermesse 2017, Germany – All the technologies at a single venue

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT 2017 – New project manager to lead EPHJ

Transform’expo, France – New player in the landscape of trade shows

Turning Days 2017, Germany – Trade fair for turning technology in the south

Rist 2017, France – The show expects an exceptional edition…

Schall Messen, Germany – Blechexpo and Schweisstec – Competence meets practical know-how

Industrie 2017, France – 900 exhibitors gathered for 4 days


Hindsight Micronora 2016, France – A definite success

Schall Messen , Germany – Showtime for production and assembly…

Midest 2016, France – a view to the Future

Prodex/Swisstech, Switzerland – Discover what drives Swiss Industry

Stanztec 2016, Germany – High-end punching technology…

Compamed 2016, Germany – A look at the latest trends, …

AMB 2016, Germany – Hindsight AMB 2016

DST Südwest 2017, Germany – New trade show for turning and metal removal process

Prodex 2016, Switzerland – Prodex and Swisstech, innovative solutions for the MEM industry

Motek 2016, Germany – Consistent user-orientation

AMB 2016, Germany – Precision tools at AMB 2016

Micronora 2016, France – The place to be for the latest innovations

SIAMS 2016, Switzerland – Hindsight

Control 2016, Germany – Hindsight

Micro Nano MEMS 2016, UK – Micro Nano MEMS is back

AMB 2016, Germany – AMB to become the innovation platform…

Parts2clean 2016, Germany – How to optimize processes…

Lasys 2016, Germany – Lasys becomes more global…

Schall Messen, Germany – Control, Quality Assurance makes efficiency measurable

Hannover Messe 2016, Germany – Global stage for integrated industry

EPHJ 2016, Switzerland – Celebrating fifteen years…

SIAMS 2016, Switzerland – Nearly 200 innovations to be presented

Simodec 2016, France – Catalyst for performance

Grindtec 2016, Germany – The 10th edition beats all previously held events

Schall Messen, Germany – Motek 2016 with Consistent User-Orientation

Rist 2016, France – Looking for know-how? Think of the RIST

Industrie Paris 2016, France – The factory of the Futur

SIAMS 2016, Switzerland – In the heart of an extraordinary region


Schall Messen, Germany – World-class sheet machining

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT, Switzerland – EPHJ-EPMT-SMT is getting ready for its 15th anniversary

Tolexpo 2015, France – A large industrial event

Midest 2015, France – Economic recovery in the background of the 45th edition

mAm 2016, Switzerland – The Microproducts Annual Meeting, 7th edition

Schall Messen, Germany – Das Weltangebot der Kunststofftechnik

Micronora 2016, France – An innovative, versatile technological opportunity

Industrie Lyon – Hindsight

EMO 2015, Italy – EMO comes back to Italy

Euromold 2015 Germany – 420 exhibitors to be expected

Siams, Switzerland – Welcome to the Real World

Siams, Switzerland – Preparations are well underway for the 15th edition

Micro Nano Mems, UK – Bringing the micro manufacturing under the microscope

Parts2clean, Germany – Leading trade show parts2clean on course for success

Medtec Besançon, France –Targeted exhibition

Schall Messen, Germany – From Control to competitive Edge, with Quality

Turning Days West, Germany – Keen interest for the Turning Days West

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT, Switzerland – Presenting the state of the art

Turning Days Süd, Germany – Move to Friedrichshafen in 2017

Schall Messen, Germany – Positive decisions clarify the future

Industrie Lyon 2015, France – Man and machine put on a show

Medtec Europe 2015, Germany – Latest medical innovations

Hannover Messe 2015, Germany – Innovation for integrated industry

Control 2015, Germany – Quality makes the difference


Prodex 2014, Switzerland – Innovative ability of the Swiss industry

Swisstech 2014, Switzerland – Innovative technologies

Schall Messen 2014, Germany – World class professional fairs

Midest Morocco 2014, Casablanca – Professionals from Maghreb, Europe and Africa

Midest Paris 2014, France – Promising results

Microsys 2014 – Micro and nano technologies define our world

Micro | Nano | Mems – Showcase for precision manufacturing

AMB 2014, Germany – Current trends

Fakuma 2014, Germany – Shaped plastic: products and solutions

Micronora 2014, France – Microtechnology? A very promising sector

parts2clean, Germany – Cleaning? Critical quality factor

Motek and BondExpo 2014, Germany – Success? Appointment confirmed

Biemh 2014, Spain – A trip to Spain in June?

Hannover Messe 2014, Germany – To discover the future and to do business

Grindtec 2014, Germany – Leading grinding technology companies…

Simodec 2014, France – 60 years old and more and more attractive

Schall Messen, Germany – A very sucessful year of trade shows

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT 2014, Switzerland – Success in continuity

Siams 2014, Switzerland – What customers want…





SwissPlastics 2014, Switzerland – Be where your area is under the spotlight

Control 2014, Germany – Quality makes the difference

Grindtec 2014, Germany – Already larger than the previous event

SwissPlastics 2014, Switzerland – An opportunity not to be missed

Midest 2013, France – Midest reinforces its position

TolExpo 2013, France – The sector’s appointment!

Blechexpo/Schweisstec 2013, Germany – Blech meets business

EMTE | EASTPO 2014, China – The Asian EMO

Schall Messen 2013 – 32nd Motek, 7th Bondexpo, Blechexpo, Schweisstec, Coilex

WMTF 2013, Switzerland – Finding new solutions together

EMO 2013, Germany –  Machine-tools in the service of the world

WMTF Lucerne, Switzerland – Exclusive interview with Patrick Roth, director of the Precision Cluster

WMTF Lucerne, Switzerland – Exhibition by industry experts

Motek, Germany – Sustainable success based on practice and proximity to the market

Micronora, France – To the service of microtechnology for 43 years

EPHJ-EPMT-SMT, Switzerland – Without losing sight from the aim

WMTF 2013, Switzerland – To combine science and economics, and more…rotec 387

SwissT.Fair 2013, Switzerland – Roboy as guest star

Turning Days, Germany – Turning Days South is complete…

Industrie 2013, France – The largest factory of France

Motek 2013, Germany – Production and Assembly Automation Plus Industrial Handling

Control 2013, Germany – 27th control presents QA technology for the future

Medtec Europe 2013, Germany – New manufacturing opportunities

Hannover Messe 2013, Germany – High quality Swiss showcase

Control 2013, Germany – On its way to resounding success


Hannover Messe 2013, Germany – The event not to be missed

Espace Laser 2012, France – New manufacturing techniques

Swisstech 2012, Switzerland – To compare technologies and identify trends

Prodex 2012, Switzerland – An impressive demonstration of performance

Motek 2012, Switzerland – A leading trade fair confirms its success

MAM 2013, Switzerland – The future is today

Schall Messen, Germany – Germany’s most successful private trade fair organiser / Control 2013

Midest 2012, France – At the heart of industry’s challenges

AMB 2012, Germany – Once again on the road to success

Micronora 2012, France – From every angle

Motek 2012, Germany – Registers sustained bookings boom

Motek, BondExpo, Mycrosys 2012, Germany – Trade fair trio reckons with roughly 1000 Exhibitors in 2012

mediSIAMS and WMTF 2012, Switzerland – International and focused

Siams 2012, Switzerland – More than a regional trade show

Hannover Messe 2012, Germany – Switzerland leader in innovation

Control 2012, Germany – registers further growth

Hannover Messe 2012, Germany – High level of skills in Hanover

Industrie Paris 2012, France – Let’s reindustrialise France together

Medtec Europe, Germany – …points the way forward

Simodec 2012, France –At the heart of French and European high precision…

Control 2012, Germany – Top shape for its 26th round

Optatec 2012, Germany – The future of opical technologies clearly in focus


Swiss Plastic 2012, Switzerland – On the road to success!

Metav 2012, Germany – Focus on the European market

Control 2012, Germany – In king-size format

Midest, France – Subcontracting goes green

Fakuma, Germany – 30 years of plastic technology

Microsys, Germany – Independent theme park

Motek, Germany – Attractive supplementary programme

EMO 2011 – Back to Germany

Motek, Germany – Good prospects for the 30th anniversary

Blechexpo, Germany – Collaboration for the fair

Medtec, France – Congress-exhibition of international audience

Blechexpo, Germany – A decade of modern sheet metal processing

Control, Germany – 25 years to the service of industry

Implants, France – An orthopedic event not to be missed

Hannover Messe, Germany –  A noteworthy showcase of Swiss know-how

mediSIAMS, Switzerland – A unique position

Industrie Lyon, France – A comprehensive offer

Control, Germany – 25 years at the international level

Medtec Europe, Germany – Reflects the expansion…


MAM 2011, Switzerland – Registration now open

Hannover Messe 2011, Germany –A large potential market

Industry party, Switzerland – Opportunity to network

25th Control and 10 BlechExpo, Germany – Quality shapes the future

Midest, France – 40 years of meetings and partnerships

Motek, Bondexpo, Microsys and Control, Germany – Quality exhibitions

Swisstech, Switzerland – Exhibitors show their strengths and competencies

Prodex, Switzerland – Focused on processes

Hannover Messe, Germany – The easy way to tap into new markets

Microsys, Germany –In the service of microtechnology

Micronora, France – Cross know-how for many fields

Motek and Bondexpo 2010 – More than 1000 exhibitors

EPHJ/EPMT, Switzerland – Beaulieu Lausanne, gratifying success

Fabtec 2011, India – Sheet metal processing trade fair in India’s growth market

Micronora 2010, Besançon – A safe bet, every time

29th Motek and 4th Bondexpo – From 13 to 16 Septembre 2010 in Stuttgart

13th JIMH, La Chaux-de-Fonds – What if the only constant was change?

EPHJ/EPMT 2010, Lausanne – Scientists, guests of honor

Siams 2010, Moutier – Microtechnology from A to Z

Simodec 2010, La Roche Sur Foron – reunited the world of industry

Microsys 2010, Stuttgart Optatec 2010, Frankfurt – Innovative power

Implants 2010, Lyon – Active in orthopaedics? Don’t miss this trade show!

Hannover Messe 2010 – Turning ideas into successful market products

Medtec 2010, Stuttgart – …goes from strength to strength

Control 2010, Germany/China,  Motek 2010, Germany – Invent the future

Metav 2010, Germany – An overview of modern manufacturing technology

Hannover Messe 2010, Germany – Swiss exhibitors well armed…

Midest 2009, France – A global trade fair

Euromold 2009, Germany – …for product development


Grindtech 2010, Germany – Top grinding technology companies bet on GrindTec

GO 2009, Switzerland –Convincing edition in times of crisis

Control 2010, Germany – The Industry is Lining Up! 10. Optatec -Anniversary program

Midest 2009, France – Subcontractors remain loyal to the show

Fakuma, Germany and Control 2010, Germany – Looking ahead

EMO, Italy – More than 1’300 exhibitors for 100’000 sqm

EPHJ-EPMT, Switzerland – Positive result

Hermle open house, Germany – In house show and news

TolExpo, France – Third edition on the right path

Chiron, Mapal, Motorex Seminar, Switzerland – Optimization potential that includes the whole process

EPHJ-EPMT 2009, Switzerland – When watchmaking meets micro technology…

Industrie & Stim, France – Unexpected success

Medtec, France – Medtec go French

Hannover Messe, Germany – Ideas and solutions for industry

Turning Days, Germany – The future of turning unveiled

Grinding Symposium, Switzerland – To go further…

Medisiams, Switzerland – Success at the crossroad of micro-technology and medical sectors

Medisiams 2009, Switzerland – When medicine meets micro technology…

Medtec Europe, Germany – New Trends in Medical Techniques

Prodex 2008, Switzerland –Record number of visitors

Industrie Lyon 2009, France – A vocation to be confirmed

Swisstech 2008, Switzerland – Professional visitors

Midest 2008, France – Satisfied promoters, exhibitors and visitors

SCS 2008, France – Industrial Projects





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