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Tooling, peripherals and components


Müller Hydraulik, Germany – New: Müller compact high-pressure cooling for machining centres and short lathes

Eichenberger Gewinde, Switzerland – The centrepiece of the ballscrew provides power for YJKP kit servo presses

Novaxess, France – Safe and efficient chip conveying

Lécureux, Switzerland – New fully automated chronometry cell

Bucci Industries Swiss , Switzerland – Major innovations on the latest Iemca bar feeder

Gühring, Switzerland – Fast, clean and fully automatic deburring

Flury Tools, Switzerland – Faster tool service ensures greater flexibility

Agathon, Switzerland – Agathon fine mini-centering unit…

TOX Pressotechnik, Germany – TOX-Powerpackage line-X…


Eichenberger Gewinde, Switzerland – Safety in the area of high voltage with cold-rolled ball screws

Müller Hydraulik, Germany – High pressure even under a bar feeder

Gühring, Switzerland – OEM & Retooling – a strong partner for new processes

SDI, Switzerland –  Surgical Devices Internations

Meyrat, Switzerland – A full range of high precision machining spindles

Eichenberger Gewinde, Switzerland – New ball screws – Lots of technology for little money

Iemca, Italy – Iemca promotes Industry 4.0 solutions and technologies ….

Dixi Polytool, Switzerland – Own sales subsidiaries or distributor netword? Dixi made its choice

LNS, Switzerland – LNS Group keeps developing e-Connect …

Ifanger, Switerland – 100 years Ifanger – futur has a provenance

Yerly Mécanique, Switzerland – Yerly Mécanique changes ownership

Conceptools, Switzerland – Successful year for Conceptools

Gühring, Switzerland – Diver systems by Gühring


Gühring, Switzerland – HPC milling in steel and VA RF 100 Speed

Dixi Polytool, Switzerland – The benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Cary, Switzerland – Stability and continuity, the two keywords of Cary

Précision Horlogère, France – High precision tools

Conceptools, Switzerland – Conceptools turns manufacturer

Yamawa Europe, Italy – Yamawa introduces the new catalogue…

Sandvik Coromant, Switzerland – The thinner tool for cutting…

Metal cutting and clamping: inventive tool manufacturer

Gepy-Papaux – Renowned high-speed spindles and live centre

Applitec, Switzerland – Quality can be easely exported

Dünner, Switzerland – Greater collaboration with Suvema

Dixi Polytool, Switzerland – Lean Manufacturing and a new ambassador

Swisschuck, Switzerland – Compensating chucks

tooling 2015 copie

Haimer, Germany – Haimer shrinking technology enriches Starrag…

Horn, Germany – Horn doubles its production surface

Dihawag, Switzerland – New range of tools for bar turning

Iscar Hartmetall, Switzerland – Meeting customer’s expectations

Dixi Polytool, Switzerland – Small and precise are synonymous with Dixi

Louis Bélet, Switzerland – A new drill for specific uses

Dünner, Switzerland – The DunnAir system…

Gühring, Switzerland – Easy to select the perfect tool

Korloy, Germany – Efficient machining of large parts

Applitec, Switzerland – New 2015-2017 catalogue

Gühring Switzerland – Accurate production of minute holes from 0.05 mm

Swisschuck, Switzerland – Precision power chuck

Röhm, Germany – World premiere for watch plate manufacturing


Mikron Tool, Switzerland – Small dimensions, stainless stell and process reliability

Gühring, Switzerland – Interchangeable insert drilling system

Dino-Lite Europe, The Netherland – Industrial quality control

Eichenberger Gewinde, Switzerland – A groundbraking idea that works

Gühring Switzerland – Multifonction tooling system

Tox, Germany – Standard components to form production systems

Alfatool, Switzerland – A tool for growth

Conceptools, Switzerland – Doubled range of tools available immediately

Dino-Lite Europe, The Netherlands – To recognise imitation

Markator, Switzerland – Durable and tamper proof markings

Wandfluh, Switzerland – Proportional directionalcontrol valve

Gühring, Switzerland – One end mill and five applications

Rego-Fix, Switzerland – Internal cooling for everyone

Applitec, Switzerland – New range dedicated to watchmaking

Haefeli, Switzerland – Sintered grinding pencil of 0.18 mm in diameter

Swisscollet, Switzerland – Collet and guide-bushes: new manufacture

Gloor, Switzerland – Gear tools:complete product-range

LNS, Switzerland – New generation of small dimensions bar loader

Dünner, Switzerland – To go beyond the limits of guide-bush

Gühring, Switzerland – Clear cutting edges – without delamination


Pibomulti, Le Locle – 25 % more tools

Dixi Polytool, Switzerland – A very watch-oriented 2013

Gühring, Switzerland – Micro-threading from M1

Wandflüh, Switzerland – Compact control of large volume flows

Renaud, Switzerland – New showcase, start for a new step

Gühring, Switzerland – Sharpening with coating service included

Sandvik, Europe – Smoother machining with silent tools

Gühring, Switzerland – New programme of universal taps

Mikron Tool, Switzerland – Quantum leap in milling technology

Pibomulti, Switzerland – A new standard for turning

LNS, Switzerland – Suppliers of comfort and productivity for 40 years

Zecha, Germany – To face materials difficult to machine

Kaeser, Germany – Innovation reduces energy costs

Gühring, Switzerland – Expanding range

Wandfluh, Switzerland – A flawless service at any time

Micronics Systems, France – To solve power supply problems

TDM, Switzerland – Multi-tools motorspindle

Innotools, Switzerland – Iso inserts available from stock

R. Frein CNC Service, Switzerland – Several guide bush holders every week…


Gühring, Switzerland – New kind of drill

Röhm, Germany – Clamping systems for beautiful items

Tox, Germany – Assembly of critical parts in sheet metal

Rego-Fix, Switzerland – New tool clamping system for micro-cutting

Weiss, Switzerland – Weiss bets on CVD diamond

Egis, Switzerland – On the right path

Zecha, Germany – Micromachining as the ultimate test

Dünner, Switzerland – 4 positions rotating unit

Agathon, Switzerland – For performing various types of movement

Swisscollet, Switzerland – New types of guiding and clamping

Rimann, Switzerland – The integrated chip conveyor…

Wibemo, Switzerland – Rethinking centring…

Innotools, Switzerland – To provide even more specialisation


Olaer, Switzerland – Chiller cooling systems

Precise, France – Fixed and mobile compliance cutting

Schunk, Germany – More efficient production

Tornos, Switzerland – New range of bar feeders

Dixi Polytool, Switzerland – New development: 1 tool = 3 operations

PX Tools, Switzerland – From now on: a renewed range of standard tools

Conceptools, Switzerland – The art of developing custom made tools

Iscar, Switzerland – Planned productivity gains

Gloor, Switzerland – Mini internal whirl thread end mills

Olaer, Switzerland – Reliable partner for HP technology

Olaer, Switzerland – Reduced energy requirement

LNS, Switzerland – Innovations at EMO 2011

Tox, Germany – Handled, machine mount and robot tongs

Rimann, switzerland – Custom washing baskets


Conceptools, Switzerland – Cutting tools’ architect

Louis Bélet, Switzerland – Hobs on demand… from one piece

Precise, France – To the service of spindles

Phoenix Mecano, Switzerland – The stainless steel specialist

Renaud, Switzerland – In search of excellence

Dixi, Switzerland – Niche strategy and maximum service

LNS, Switzerland – Expanding the one-stop-shop

Renaud, Switzerland – A new range of electrospindles

Gloor, Switzerland – These are tools for Gloor

SF Filter, Switzerland – Strengthens its presence on the Austrian Market

Olaer, Switzerland – Protection through accumulators

Meyrat, Switzerland – Ideal for multispindle machines

LNS, Switzerland – Versatile chip conveyor

Rimann, Switzerland – Value chips? Easy!

Rego-Fix, Switzerland – Precise run-out, best surface quality…

Producted, Switzerland – CAM for micromechanics

Dünner, Switzerland – 75 years of innovation

Olaer, Switzerland – Reduced energy requirement!

Kaiser, Switzerland – News exhibited at Prodex

Xactform, Switzerland – The reference company when it comes to thread milling

Meyrat, Switzerland – MHF-80 – Spinbooster: regreasing system

DT Technologies SA, Switzerland – Industrial logic and responsiveness

Olaer, Switzerland – High pressure technology

Yerly, Switzerland – Middle centring? Child’s play!

Springmann, Switzerland (Hoeckh, Otec and Zoller) – A partner for the watch making industry

Rimann, Switzerland – Such precious metal

DC, Switzerland – A threading solution for each application

Meyrat, Switzerland – A complete range for milling

Louis Bélet, Switzerland – Strangely shaped tools

Rimann, Switzerland – A little known and very important aspect of the production process…

Meyrat, Switzerland – A versatile converter

Zecha, Germany – The medical sector in a whirl

Meyrat, Switzerland – Productivity improvements

Zoller, Germany – Without scrap


SF-Filter, Switzerland – New name and new premises

Zolmann, Germany – Innovation: the Zeta collet clamping system!

Olaer, Switzerland –  Protection through hydraulic accumulators

IDCP, the Netherlands – Dino-Lite, an innovative product for Europe

Dünner, Switzerland – Pneumadraulic® clamping: a revolution!

LNS, Switzerland – Peripherals to boost production

Manufactures d’Outils Dumont, Switzerland – Passion for the beautiful tool

Xactform, Switzerland – Thread milling? Why hesitate?

Olaer, Switzerland – Increase of the working safety

Odi Golay Diamant, Switzerland – Jewels used in machining…

Walter Dünner, Switzerland – Extraordinary collets and guide bushes

Diametal, Switzerland – Improved fulfilment of customer needs…

Olaer, Switzerland – Reduced energy requirement!

DC Swiss, Switzerland – Thread cutting from M 0,5

Rego-Fix, Switzerland – Microtools need excellent clamping technology

PX-Tools, Switzerland – When 3% will make you over 20

Iscar, Switzerland/Germany – Intelligent tool alternatives

Dixi Polytool, Switzerland – One single name for tooling

Olaer, Switzerland – Easy and efficient

Applitec, Switzerland – Well equipped for medical

Fraisa, Switzerland – Just in time tooling

Edalco, Switzerland – Soft-synchro-tapping

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