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Abrasive machine tools: High stock removal capacity thanks to new hybrid bond

Cafro, a manufacturer of diamond and CBN wheels and tools, will be presenting the new M404 hybrid bond at EMO Hannover 2017.

The new M404 hybrid bond is now part of the Cafro 2017 stock list.

The company, which has recently joined the Mirka Group, reports that in its manufacture of carbide mills and drills, the main requirement is working time reduction. This is said to particularly apply during the fluting operation. Tests on CNC grinders have apparently shown that the new M404 hybrid bond allows for higher stock removal with lower power absorption, a longer dressing interval and a better surface finish than the market benchmarks.

According to the Italian exhibitors, the wheel is silent during grinding, there are no vibrations, both the wheel and workpiece remain cold, power absorption at the spindle remains constant, and there are no absorption peaks. The new hybrid bond is now part of the Cafro 2017 stock list, which has been expanded and improved thanks to new technical developments. These include the new Standard Line CBN products (quality WD) and the new bond family Top, which is described as a resin bond with the best profile retention.

Solid carbide drill with TiAIN coating

For all Force X products, the new generation of solid carbide multi-application drills from Dormer Pramet, CTW (Continuously Thinned Web) technology is now being deployed. It offers a very strong web design, which is said to reduce the thrust requirements and thus increase the tool life.

More productively in action: the new Force X range offers both solid and coolant feed options to improve cutting efficiency and swarf evacuation.

As the exhibitors explain, the drills all feature a consistent edge preparation, protecting the cutting area and preventing premature chipping and flaking. A strong corner design across the range also increases stability and reduces the forces encountered when exiting the workpiece. Retaining their Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN) coating, all drills continue to be suitable for use across a wide range of machines and materials, such as stainless steel, alloy steels, cast iron and non-ferrous materials. This is claimed to make the Force X range an ideal choice for general engineering and sub-contract environments. The micro-grain carbide substrate, in conjunction with the TiAlN coating, provides high wear resistance and increased tool life, while the 140° split point geometry enables precise centering capabilities and low thrust forces.

Die Freiheit des Bohrens

Iscar hat die Bohrer-Linie Sumocham12xD-Bohrkörper mit Durchmessern von acht bis 11,5 Millimeter erweitert. Die Werkzeuge überzeugen unter anderem durch lange Standzeiten und eine sehr gute Spanabfuhr. Anwender haben damit einen größeren Arbeitsspielraum bei anspruchsvollen Bohranwendungen.

Bei den selbstzentrierenden Geometrien HCP-IQ kann unter optimalen Bedingungen auf eine Pilotbohrung verzichtet werden.

Zusammen mit den bereits bestehenden Grundkörper-Varianten (1,5xD, 3xD, 5xD und 8xD) steht dem Markt somit ein vollständiges Produktportfolio für einen Bereich von acht bis 25,9 Millimetern und einer Bohrtiefe bis 12xD zur Verfügung.

Die Bohrer sind stabil geklemmt, wodurch die Prozesssicherheit erhöht wird. Das Werkzeug besitzt eine innere Kühlmittelzufuhr mit gedrallten Kanälen, die effizient direkt an der Bearbeitungszone wirkt. Der Zylinderschaft ermöglicht eine optimale Rundlaufgenauigkeit. Damit erreicht der Anwender eine sehr hohe Oberflächengüte.

Die Bohrkörper verfügen über große polierte Spankammern und gewährleisten eine exzellente Späneevakuierung bei allen Werkstückstoffen. Das innovative selbstklemmende und selbstzentrierende Bohrkopf-System erzeugt eine sehr hohe Stabilität und ist sowie einfache und sicher zu handhaben – selbst beim Wechsel der Bohrköpfe in der Maschine.

Für höchste Leistungsfähigkeit bei allen Werkstückstoffen bietet ISCAR drei optimierte Bohrkopf-Geometrien (ICP, ICM, ICK) mit angepassten Anschliffen. Zusätzlich erhältlich sind Bohrköpfe mit vier Führungsfasen oder selbstzentrierende Geometrien, die dem Anwender eine maximale Bohrungsqualität bezüglich Fluchtungsgenauigkeit, Koaxialität und Positionsgenauigkeit bringen. In der Praxis bedeutet dies gleichbleibend optimale Bearbeitungsergebnisse.

Die neueste Entwicklung für produktives 12xD Bohren sind die Bohrköpfe der HCP und QCP-2M Linie. Bei diesen Geometrien kann der Anwender unter idealen Bedingungen auf eine Pilotbohrung verzichten und dadurch die Produktivität um bis zu 30 Prozent steigern.

Milling cutter for perfect stainless steel surfaces

Crazymill Cool is a new kind of carbide ball mill from Mikron Tool for finishing operations in titanium and nickel-based alloys.

Crazymill Cool is a new kind of carbide ball mill from Mikron Tool for finishing operations in titanium and nickel-based alloys. The coated end mill with four teeth is available in a diameter range from 1 to 8 mm for the milling depths 2xd, 3xd and 5xd, each with a cutting depth of 1.5xd.

Two further versions are available with usable milling lengths of 3xd and 4xd especially for medical applications like implants. The common features for the different models include a special geometry with progressive flutes from 30° to 40° that enable a vibration-free milling. According to the Swiss exhibitors, this ensures an excellent surface quality when milling in the radius area as well as in the cylindrical area. Integrated cooling channels continuously provide the cutting edges in each position with coolant to prevent overheating and help achieve maximum cutting speed performance as well as to flush chips out of the work zone. The result is claimed to be a surface finish in grinding quality.

Big Kaiser benefits from parent company’s new 12,000 m2 automated logistics and distribution center

Big Kaiser, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metal-working industries, today announced that its parent company, Big Daishowa Seiki Co. Ltd., has completed a new logistics and distribution center that will help meet the growing demands of customers in Europe and around the world.

The state-of-the-art facility is a fresh addition to the five existing Big Daishowa factories on the Japanese island of Awaji. The 12,000 m2 building currently has an inventory of 1’500’000 products comprising of 15,000 unique part numbers.

Takuya Ichii, CEO at Big Kaiser, said, “The scale of investment into logistics demonstrates our concerted effort and dedication to providing customers with the ‘right products at the right time’. This state-of-the-art warehousing facility will enable us to keep more items dedicated specifically for the European market, increasing stock availability and reducing shipping times in this key manufacturing region of the world.”

The new warehouse is highly automated and built upon the latest Industry 4.0 principles. It features an automated material handling system comprising of un-manned forklifts, inspection systems, and robotic stacking and packing of products on pallets for shipment – all operating under a barcode system. A vertical lift picking system takes full advantage of all available space, and a two-dimensional hand controller and voice guidance system eliminates picking errors.

“Big Kaiser produces premium grade products, and provides its customers with premium grade logistics and services,” concluded Takuya Ichii.

Big Kaiser announces compact high speed chamfer cutter

 Big Kaiser, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metal-working industries, today announced the C-Cutter Mini, an ultra-fast compact chamfer cutter.

The C-Cutter Mini is designed for multi-functional cutting tasks, including chamfering, back chamfering and face milling. Compared to competitors’ products, the tool’s market-leading speed and feed rate capability has the potential to slash machining times by up to 85 per cent.

The tool’s innovative design reduces the cutting diameter down to the lowest limit, enabling impressive ultra-high spindle speeds and feed rates. Cutting speed is further increased by new wear-resistant inserts with multi-layer Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating.).

Available in single insert and four insert configurations, the C-Cutter mini thereby provides additional flexibility to the customer. Increasing the number of inserts from one or two per cutter to four, multiplies the feed rate, which speeds up operations and improves productivity.

Big Kaiser is also introducing the world’s smallest hex insert, with a diameter of 3.97mm. This enables highly-efficient back chamfering from a 6mm starting hole diameter, whilst the 3-corner insert design reduces costs.

“The new C-Cutter Mini delivers a ‘triple effect’, essentially compounding the benefits of the tool’s four inserts which deliver faster feed rates, its reduced diameter which raises the spindle speed, and the new PVD coating which enables higher cutting speeds,” says Giampaolo Roccatello, VP Sales at Big Kaiser. “This tool is a prime example of how BIG KAISER’s focus on innovation consistently delivers tangible results to our customers.”

The C-Cutter Mini is available now.

Big Kaiser launches new high precision machine leveling tool

Big Kaiser, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metal-working industries, today launched the Level Master, a portable two-axis electronic leveling tool for fast high-precision machine setup.

The Level Master simultaneously detects the level on both horizontal axes. This drastically cuts the time and costs associated with the traditional ‘eye-splitting’ bubble leveling method, which requires two levelers to be used side-by-side. With this new device, inclination is shown by easy-to-read color status LEDs, and a buzzer indicates when the horizontal plane is level. Service and maintenance staff can now focus on leveling the tool instead of watching two spirit levels; the ability to quickly verify the precision of existing setups is an additional bonus.

As accurate as a laser leveler, the Level Master utilizes state-of-the-art optical level sensor technology to deliver ultra-high setting precision of 0.01mm (10 micron) inclination per meter. A lower precision mode with an accuracy of 0.1mm/m is also available for fast and easy rough alignment.

Compared to a laser leveler, the Level Master is substantially cheaper, more portable, and sets up within seconds. The convenient ‘self-calibration’ feature enables the customer to calibrate on-site, which further adds to its functionality: saves both time and money, while guaranteeing consistent accuracy.

 “It’s all about confidence. Service and maintenance staff now have a fast and accurate method for ensuring that machining tools are precisely level,” says Giampaolo Roccatello, VP Sales at Big Kaiser. “The Level Master saves valuable time, reduces setup costs and significantly eliminates potential for error. With so much on the line, the Level Master is a ‘must have’ for any professional maintenance engineer.”

The device’s operating temperature range is from 0° to 40°C. Easily portable with an external diameter of 109mm, a height of 46mm, and a weight of only 985g, the Level Master is packaged in a heavy-duty aluminum case for optimal protection in factory floor conditions.

The Level Master’s nominal battery lifetime of 50 hours (4x AAA) combined with its auto shut off function provides service and maintenance staff with several weeks, possibly months, of operation.

The Level Master is available now.

Pierre-Yves Schmid, publisher