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Lehmann Präzision, Germany – Linear band machining for optimal mass production of precision parts

Polydec, Switzerland – Polydec and Tornos in line with a long-standing automobile tradition

Behringer, Germany: Process-reliable sawing, gripping, sorting and stacking

Makino, Germany: Wire and sinker EDM

Tornos, Switzerland – Setting the course for the future

Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – From the machining centre to the complete automated 4.0 solution

Kern, Germany – Kennametal improves efficiency with the Kern Micro…

Rollomatic, Switzerland – My colleague is a robot…

Tornos, Switzerland – Swiss DT 13: flexibility even more

Crevoisier, Switzerland – Innovation in the genes

Tsugami, Switzerland – Tsugami in the Jura

Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – Complete mastering of the machining process dedicated to the watch industry


Hermle, Germany – Hermle at Prodex in Basel with three 5-axis…

Melvetic, Switzerland – Melvetic will present the bar feeder Iemca…

Tornos, Switzerland – Multiswiss now available in larger sizes

Otec, Germany – Vibratory grinding of precision turnings and millings

Suvema, Switzerland – Suvema refocuses its sales program

Iemca, Italy – Iemca Open Houses

Micro5, a revolutionary open source machine tool

Mikron, Switzerland – Six-side machining

Rollomatic, Switzerland – Rollomatic presents its honed precision at AMB

Newemag & Leuenberger, Switzerland – The birth of fruitful collaboration

MEM Industries Status report

Springmann, Switzerland – Superb results with the new SF stream…

Almac, Switzerland – The BA family is growing…

Suvema, Switzerland – Innovative machines….

Flury, Switzerland – Grinding to the limit of the doable

Suvema, Switzerland – Citizen and Hasegawa, the new dreamteam…

Monnier&Zahner, Switzerland – Worldwide premiere at SIAMS

Esco, Switzerland – Economically interesting for mass production…

Schumacher & Cie, Switzerland – Centerless grinding machine S200

Rollomatic, Switzerland – One step ahead of the Futur

Tornos, Switzerland – Lean Management for EvoDECO machines serie

Rickli Micromécanique, Switzerland – Complex niche products

WFL, Austria – WFL makes the leap into additive manufacturing


United Grinding Group, Switzerland – Four world innovations presented at the EMO

GF Machining Solutions, Switzerland – Presentation of the new AgieCharmilles Laser400

Willemin Macodel, Switzerland – Two world premiere high-precision machining centres

Schläfli Engineering, Switzerland – 25 years of high precision honing and grinding

Sarix, Switzerland – A new pulsar generator…

Precitrame, Switzerland – Something new for the MTR400

Mikron, Switzerland – Quick, quicker, Mikron Multistep XT-200

United Grinding Group, Switzerland – United Grinding Group plans joint venture…

Rollomatic, Switzerland – 5-axes laser machining

Sandvik, Switzerland – What will the 4th industrial revolution bring?

Kuka, Switzerland – Together to the factory of the future

Recomatic, Switzerland – Consolidation strategy

Tornos, Switzerland – International global strategy

Springmann, Switzerland – Linear motor tool grinders

Schaublin Machines, Switzerland – Design and ergonomics…

Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – New strategies for watchmaking

Suvema, Switzerland – 40 years at the service of its customers

Schaublin Machines, Switzerland – Swiss production machine of high precision

Rollomatic, Switzerland – Super long drill 4 up to 200 × D, quick and precise

Newemag, Switzerland – 5-axis machines to the service of jewellery

Banner_machining 2014


Springmann, Switzerland – Successful partnerships

Huron, France – When the machining process makes the difference

Bumotec, Switzerland – Two spindles in a compact footprint

Crevoisier, Switzerland – Compact finishing and grinding center

Affolter Technologies, Switzerland – Gear cutting at the forefront of technology

Precitrame Machines, Switzerland – Robotised finishing center

Schläfli, Switzerland – Wire-honing and finishing of outside diameters

Peter Wolters, Germany – Grinding rotors with the Macro-S

Trumpf, Switzerland – Ultra-short pulses laser for micromachining

Hermle, Germany – Innovation to enrich the range

Recomatic/Bula Technologie, Switzerland – More options for surface finishing

Laser Cheval, France – The laser: Watch Industry’s renewal

Newemag, Switzerland – Different watchmaking solutions

Mikron, Switzerland – Case study: How to regain competitiveness

Tornos, Switzerland – A win-win partnership

Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – Supplier of custom-made machining solutions

Springmann, Switzerland – Microtechnology tradition

Haas Europe, Belgium – Small-footprint live tooling turning center

Emissa, Switzerland – A new turret type

CaravelCut, Switzerland – To optimite machining processes



Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – Machining micro-molds.. and much more

Springmann, Switzerland (Index) – Even more efficient with eight spindles

Sarix, Switzerland – User friendliness and precision to the upmost level

Tornos, Switzerland – Very competitive proposal in midrange

Esco, Switzerland – Even more productive

Studer, Switzerland – Production cylindrical grinding machine for micro components

Schläfli Engineering, Switzerland – Wire-honing and lapping of micro bores

ISF, Germany – Cryogenic cooling reduces wear and tear! (Online version, English only)

VFM, Switzerland – Neither machining center nor transfer machine

Hermle, Germany – Automation as a productivity factor

Crevoisier, Switzerland – Award-wining digital polishing

Imoberdorf, Switzerland – Tailor-made transfer machine

DMG Mori, Germany – 5-Axis ultrasonic precision machining

Tornos, Switzerland – EvoDeco for large diameters has arrived! (Online version)

Kern, Germany – Hard materials high speed machining

Mikron, Switzerland – Enhanced profitability of the Mikron NRG concept

Hermle, Germany – Successful in-house exhibition with new products

Humard Automation, Switzerland – When a high precision turner designs a machine…

Rollomatic, Switzerland – …machining CVD and PCD tools

Schaublin Machines, Switzerland – To turn and grind with a single machine

Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – Technological leap in the service of microtechnology

Tornos Switzerland – Swiss ST 26 CE arrives in Europe (Online version)

Tornos Switzerland – First exceptional steps

Springmann, Switzerland – Double-face grinding in Watchmaking (French and German)

Newemag, Switzerland (Del West) – Responsivness and skills to the service of F1

Crevoisier, Switzerland – The digital age of polishing

Bumotec, Switzerland – Developments for the watchmaking world

Animex, Switzerland – Beyond precision

DMG, Germany – Turning with precision and flexibility

Hermle, Germany – New, strong, and precise

Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – From bars or disks

Emissa, Switzerland – Double secondary operations spindle

VFM, Switzerland – New player in microtechnology

Newemag, Switzerland – Regardless of the machine type…

Affolter, Switzerland – Microtechnology: to cut larger size

Tornos, Switzerland – The watchmaking machine of the future

Schaublin, Switzerland – Integrated production solution


Tornos, Switzerland – The watch specialist

Tornos, Switzerland – B axis for greater productivity

Newemag, Switzerland (Matsuura, Miyano) – Precision machining

Springmann, Switzerland (Index, Germany) – To replace cam-controlled multi-spindle lathes

Hermle, Germany – 5-axis milling and more

Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – Highly complex parts -ready to use straight from the machine

Emissa, Switzerland –  The secret? On demand… 80% standard

Crevoisier, Switzerland – Simultaneous 6-axis grinding

Mikron, Switzerland – Deep hole drilling without tool change error

Bumotec, Switzerland – The machine is only the beginning

Esco, Switzerland – Simultaneous machining with Escomatic D5 CNC Ultra

Schaublin Machines, Switzerland – Efficient machining of tungsten

Tornos, Switzerland – The watchmaking specialist …now with guide bush

Newemag, Switzerland (Hyundai-Kai) – Partners of the feat!

Schläfli, Switzerland – Super finishing

Kern, Germany – An exciting double act

Mikron, Switzerland – Save 35% on the cost of the part

Springmann, Switzerland (EOS) – What about producing “impossible” parts?

Emissa, Switzerland –A wide range of customised machining solutions

Amada, Germany – Global provider of high precision

Newemag, Switzerland – New Matsuura 5 axes machine

Pemamo, Switzerland – The micron within everyone’s reach


Schläfli, Switzerland – Super finishing

Surfacing, Switzerland – Bead blasting: an operation of technology

Mikron, Switzerland – The best of productivity with CNC flexibility

Recomatic, Switzerland – Expanding capabilities

Newemag, Switzerland – EMO 2011 (Matsuura, Miyano and Brother)

Mikron, Switzerland – Advantage through modularity (2)

Schaublin-Machines, Switzerland – More automation, precision and performance

Esco, Switzerland – The alternative to high precision turning

VDW, Germany – Blue competence for machine tools

Emissa, Switzerland – Productivity in motion

Willemin-Macodel – The robustness of processes

Pemamo, Switzerland – Pemamo technology … but vertical

Newemag, Switzerland – Like a clock

Crevoisier, Switzerland – Repeatability in polishing

Tornos, Switzerland – EvoDeco 10a: advantages at all levels

Schaublin Machines, Switzerland – An universal brand… yet innovative

Schläfli Engineering, Switzerland – Perfect bores

Emissa, Switzerland – A radically different automatic lathe


C.A.M.S., Italy – NC controlled slotting machines: a reality

Animex, Switzerland – A dynamic solution

Mikron, Switzerland – Advantage through modularity

Laser-Cheval, France – Nice design, cutting edge efficiency

Star, Switzerland – Three new lathes launched in Switzerland

Crevoisier, Switzerland – The “skilled maid”: an expanding concept…

Kuka, Switzerland – Robotics always at the cutting edge

Parmaco, Switzerland – MIM has more than one string to its bow

Wenk, Switzerland – Might hard turning be an option for you?

Tornos, Switzerland –Two new eight spindles lathes

Recomatic, Switzerland –Industrialization in the medical field

Zimmerli, Switzerland – Tailored solutions

Schläfli, Switzerland – Small-bore wire-honing machine

Laser-Cheval, France – Laser welding assembly machine

Realmeca, France – Multiply techniques for taming steel

Emissa, Switzerland – Off the beaten track

Affolter Technologies SA, Switzerland – Off the beaten track

Makino Europe, Germany – Machining of miniature parts

Matsuura, Japan (Newemag, Switzerland) – 5-axis vertical machining center

Chiron, Germany – To produce twice as much…

Mikron, Switzerland – When precision, productivity, flexibility…

Schläfli, Switzerland – New small-bore wire-honing machine

Traub, Germany (Springmann, Switzerland) – Double tailored in terms of equipment and price

Amada Europe, Germany – When design meets efficiency…

Hermle, Germany – 5-axis milling instead of conventional tooth machining

PMS, Switzerland (Push Ningjiang) – 14 machines under European test…

Newemag and Schneider machines, Switzerland – Many new products at Siams 2010

Tornos, Switzerland – The next step in the evolution…

Escomatic, Switzerland – 120 parts per minute with a NC machine

Walter, Germany – Keeping mobile

Realmeca, France – Solutions manufacturer


Sarix, Switzerland – New line of micro EDM machining centers

Emissa, Switzerland – Much more than a machining centre…

Polyservice, Switzerland – Operations of great value

Schaublin Machines, Switzerland – Back to the roots… and more!

Witech, Switzerland – Keep a smile with Witech

SwissTech, FL – Improved quality in laser cutting

Microcut, Switzerland – Holes 8 times smaller than a hair

Almac, Switzerland – Plates in 20 minutes only

Schläfli Engineering, Switzerland – Super finishing

Realmeca, France – Precision technology for luxury goods

Sarix, Switzerland – 3D micro EDM milling technology

Traub, Germany (Springmann, Switzerland) – Implants, basis of a winning smile

Ecmtec, Germany – Electrochemical milling and more…

Phosa, Switzerland – Tenth of a micron adjustment

Willemin-Macodel, Switzerland – A know-how to meet highest expectations

Hermle, Germany – Just in time-production of precision parts

Schaublin Machines, Switzerland – Finished parts in one clamping

DMG, Germany – The best technology of its class at an economical price

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